Sunday, 1 January 2012

Words of wisdom for you, grasshoppers

My dear friend LB sent me this link today: It's So Involved Being Me, which has inspired this post. 

Marianna Annadanna's Lessons Learned in 2011

Wow.  Where to start.  2011 was a big year. 

The year I got depressed, stayed depressed, got anxious, didn't get out of bed, took a month off work, got meds, got a psychologist, got a bit better, had three grandparents die, got a new job, got a new start, went to New Orleans, got to keep my amazing husband, got much better, and booked a southern resort vacation.  And only a few of those were resolutions from last year.   

As for lessons?  Yeah, you could say there were a few. So I've summarized them here, in general chronological order.  Take these to heart.  I don't give free advice often.  Well, yes I do, but still. 

An important life lesson - put your effing shit AWAY. 

If you are not a baker, don't try to be. 

If mornings give you panic attacks, avoid them.  And I learned this before I knew that mornings actually do give me panic attacks. 

Winter is shitty all-round.  Especially when you're depressed but you don't know it yet. 

Some days SUCK ASS.  But blogging helps.  

Actually, blogging is the SHIT.  In a good way.  And blog renderings are HILARIOUS.  And blogger friends are the best part. Especially the cheesy ones.  And when one blog isn't enough? Start another one!

Some people will save you.  Hubby is my saviour.  The best thing that has ever, or will ever, happen to me and the reason I've survived the last year.  My favourite

Shopping is an ASSHOLE.  Online and in-person.  Avoid it.  No matter what. 

Sometimes an open letter makes you feel better. 

It is possible to stay happily married for 60 years

Sometimes all you need is a day of FUN.  And/or a death coffin waterslide.  And a Diversification Plan. 

Don't ask me for directions.  I don't know. 

Sometimes it's just time to have a baby.  Ok, first maybe it's time to get off the Crazy Pills, but then, THEN, it's time to have a baby.

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. A clean slate.  If you need it, find it.  Soon. 

You might be bad at something.  It's ok.  I'm a terrible cyclist.  Seriously.  It's not good. 

Some habits can't be broken.  You have to get over it. 

Commuting is a miserable harpy, and it's not goetting any better.  You have to accept the hell that is commuting and move on. 

You don't have to take on EVERYTHING.  You can just do what you want.  Huh.  Novel idea.   

So there they are.  Pretty much everything I learned about life - about me - over the past year.  You're welcome. 



  1. I read that link earlier when you tweeted it...because I'm nosy like that. I loved it. But I love this more because I remember all this stuff in your life from 2011! It made me feel really smart.

    I'm so glad you're happy (except in the morning) and that you have Hubby. I have a feeling this is gonna be a great year for you! xoxo

  2. Hahah great lessons! Happy New Year!

  3. great lessons.... and definitely great blogs over the last year!

  4. great lessons! here are my lessons about you from 2011: you are an awesome bowler, an amazing friend, and i am confident you will enjoy cylcing much more in a non-earth quake conditions :)


  5. That's great! My kids are watching Barney right now. Something that I vow will never happen again.....

  6. jacqui - you ARE really smart! That's why I love you :) I'm glad i have Hubby too.

    Gia - You too!

    Jaime - Thanks :)

    v - Aw, you're sweet. And yes, non-earthquake conditions are KEY.

    Lizbeth - Ew. Barney is an asshole.

  7. Aw, I love this list! You are right, 2011 was one hell of a year . . . I am hoping for a slightly less eventful 2012.

    I hope that you are having one hell of a time on your trip and I can't wait for photos.

  8. Foxy - Less eventful would be awesome.