Thursday, 28 July 2011

What's your favourite movie?

Guys.  Twitter Movie Night is only 3 days away. 

I've been pimping out my very official and scientific poll for several days and the votes are finally in. 

Actually, you technically have a few more hours to cast your ballot, but we'll assume the current winner remains.  Well, I'll assume that.  Because I'm in charge of this game and I can make up whatever rules I want.  And tomorrow is the first day of my vacation and I don't really feel like spending my new-found freedom counting movie ballots.  It takes a long time to count ballots.  If you're an election volunteer.  In a country where actual humans even count the votes.  For me it wouldn't take any time whatsoever, but I've still decided to close the polls now.  This is a dictatorship, people.  Except that you were allowed to vote for your movie choice.  I guess that makes it a democratic dictatorship.

What the hell is the point right now?  Oh yeah! 

We're watching...


It was very close.  Jay and Silent Bob (my secret preference, just for the fun of it) ran a close second.  But I heart Johnny Depp so I'm happy.

So get your hands on a copy of Rango and set it up for 7:00pm Eastern on Sunday night#movienight

In the meantime, here are my top ten favourite movies. Just because.

Number 10
City Of Angels. I loved this movie when I was a kid. I've seen 633 times.  And one of my favourite songs of all time is Iris - from the soundtrack.

Number 9
Dirty Dancing. I was in high school before I saw this movie for the first time, but I've seen it at least 261 times since then. It has love, and intrigue, and honour. All the best plot points of a truly remarkable film.

Number 8
Chicago.  I have a soft spot for it.  And I have the soundtrack on my mp3 player. (Not ashamed.)

Number 7
Finding Nemo. 
P. Sherman!
42 Wallaby Way!

Number 6
Baby Mama.  Tina Fey and Amy Poeler are my heroes. 

Number 5
Pirates of the Caribbean.  I saw this 3 times in the theatre (which is rare for me) and countless times since then.  Johnny Depp pretty much gives me an orgasm. 

Number 4
Home Alone. I watched this movie every. single. day. for MONTHS when I was seven. I could quote you the entire thing from beginning to end if you asked me to.

Number 3
Christmas Vacation. Clark Griswold is my best friend and his cousin Eddie is runner up. Hubby and I quote it constantly.    

Number 2
Mary Poppins. I love myself a good singing chimney sweep, and a spoonful of sugar truly is the solution to everything. Or peanut butter.  Whichever.  Also, I love the idea of jumping into a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. 

And my Number 1 favourite film?
The Notebook. Don't judge me.  I love Ryan Gosling (who kinda looks like Hubby, actually) and Rachel McAdams.  And they're both Canadian.  And this is the sweetest love story of all time.  Except I always turn it off a few minutes before the end. 



  1. First of all...happy vacation!! YAY!

    Second of all...I'm glad Rango won. But I won't reveal who I voted for.

    Third of all-time favorite movies are Tombstone and Bridge Jones Diary. Shut up. I have seen each 27 billion times. I will watch them again tonight if I want.

  2. I've never seen Rango! So I'm very excited. I am also SO pumped you decided to do this. I hate that I missed out on the voting, I've been MIA for the last three days!

  3. It's a tradition in my family that we watch Christmas Vacation on Thankgsgiving night. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate Dirty Dancing so we can watch it over and over and drive my hubby crazy.

    The Notebook is a movie I *have* to watch whenever it's on t.v. but like you, I stop watching right before the end.

    Basically I love all of the movies you listed. I wish I could participate in movie night but the time difference (it'll be 4 pm here) means I'll be busy with the hummingbird. *sad face*

    Maybe she'll let me watch some bits of Rango if I can get my hands on the movie. I lust over Mark Ruffalo but I've had a huge crush on Johhny Depp since I was 9.

    See, that's the cool thing about just having cats. They let you watch what you want. :D

    Sorry I'm rambling and won't shut up. I'm loopy from pain meds. woo hoo!

  4. I have yet to see Rango so I'm super excited! I'm on PST time so hopefully I'll remember to not show up late *fingers crossed*.

    You're freaking awesome...I love all of those movies too! Well, except Mary Poppins. Truthfully I've only seen like 5 minutes of it but whatever.

  5. we have eeeerily very similar taste in movies. And i too, never watch the end of the Notebook.

  6. jacqui - I think you mean BridgeT Jones Diary. A movie about a Bridge's diary would be boring I bet.

    mamamash - can't wait!

    Elle - You should totally put it on in the background. SHe might like it!

    Lin - You should watch Mary Poppins! Such a classic!

    Carm - It's not eerie. we're both just geniuses (geni?)

  7. I love Mary Poppins!! But seeing City Of Angels only once scarred me emotionally so deeply that I've never been able to watch it since.

    I'll miss out on movie night, or at least the first hour or so. Sundays are super busy for me. But I'll probably chime in after 7:00 central, and just pretend that I've been watching the movie along with ya'll.

  8. lmao "Johnny Depp pretty much gives me an orgasm."... I'm pretty much with you there!

    Some great movies on that list!

  9. Ang - City of Angels can be pretty scarring. it still makes me cry every time. Join us whenever you can.

    Jaime - I know, right?!

  10. I was describing The Notebook to my dad today and choked up. I need an effin Valium before I can even talk about that movie, let alone watch it. I;m in for tomorrow, just depends when kids go to sleep.