Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I will not accept hate in my country. I WILL NOT.

Last night a swastika was painted onto a Rabbi's front door in my city, my Capital of Canada.

The story is here.

This shit has happened before, and I've always been dismayed. But, unfortunately, I've never been as fucking livid as I am right now.

So I decided to do something. I wrote a letter to my elected representatives, at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. I encourage you to do the same.  In fact, your can copy and paste my text if it appeals to you.

I don't know what I will do next, but I will do something. I will.


To my elected representatives and candidates:

As you know, a hate crime was committed today against a Rabbi in Ottawa. I suspect you agree, a swastika is not only a revolting violation, it is a distinct threat. I have a hard time believing this hatred wasn't incited by the horrendous, racist, misogynist, bigoted rhetoric being normalized by the recent US election.

This type of hate is not unprecedented in Ottawa or Canada, but it is perhaps often considered an isolated incident - an incident that we "condemn" but actually do very little to prevent.

However, in the rude awakening of the US election, I sense that some Canadians are becoming aware of how easily things can go awry; how quickly hatred that spawns in cold, dark places can find strength.

So today I want us to do something.

I can no longer accept my own or others' apathy. Empty "stances against" can no longer be the go-to response. This cannot continue; it cannot be shrugged off. In this country, in this community, in this national capital - or anywhere - hatred cannot stand.

And so, I need your help:

Could you describe how you extinguish the spread of hate in Canada? What specific actions will you take to support minorities, to educate and build cultural competency, to bring communities together, and to foster a dialogue that will strengthen multiculturalism in Canada? What organizations do you fund or support? How can constituents build on what you're doing? How can constituents get involved?

Sickness is catching / Oh were favour so.

But favour can catch. I implore you to use your voice, your platform. I implore you to speak loudly and with pride to those you represent and those you work with; to communicate widely about how we, as a collective, can fundamentally and consistently reject hatred in Canada.

Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration,


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