Growing Tiny Humans

I have been lucky enough to undertake the immense responsibility of growing two tiny humans.  In my body.  Thanksfully, not at the same time.  (I can't imagine how anyone could do this with two or more at the same time.) Then I pushed those tiny humans out of my body through an even tinier hole. Twice.

These tiny humans now live with me and Hubby and we spend most of our lives tending to their every need.

Oh, and they're fucking cute.  I should have mentioned that sooner.

However, that doesn't mean that I liked growing them.  Sure, there were some decent parts, but I was not a "fan" of the human-growing process, and I'm not afraid to acknowledge that.  It was a surprise to most people that I opted to repeat the process a second time, and it was not a decision taken lightly in our house.

I am so grateful that my body has allowed me the honour of pregnancy and two healthy, happy children, but my tremendous luck and pride don't erase the challenges, emotional distress, or enormous fear.  I didn't like the discomfort, the pain, the impossible sleeping, the constant unwelcome public attention to my body, not to mention the countless random and inopportune symptoms interfering with my daily function.  I especially was not a fan of the health issues and bed rest the first time, nor the extreme exhaustion and physical limitations the second time.  

So, in case you're in the process of growing a human, or are considering taking on the task, I've chronicled my personal experience throughout this blog, tagged with Growing Tiny Humans.  Not to claim that my experience represents everyone's experience, nor to undermine those who struggle on their parenting path - but my personal ups and the downs are here for you to read should you be interested.

Also, if you're curious about what happens after the growing part (you know, the miracle of human life part), I've got that covered too.  Check out the Fraggle and Warner Brother posts for the deal on my little monkeys and how I attempt to cope.

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  1. Okay, it has been a while since I've been around. Another baby!!! Congrats!!!!