Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm basically your personal GPS device.

Hubby and I have been living in this city for almost 3 years a very short time, and as I've said before, it isn't always easy to navigate.  Sometimes the streets move around or change direction over night and the next day I just can't find my way. 

But Friday my mom and quasi-stepdad came ot visit and when I started driving us all downtown for lunch and window shopping Mom mentioned how impressive it was that I knew where to go.  Yes, I said.  I am very impressive. 

So I decided to draw a very advanced colour-coded map so if you ever decide to hang out here for a day you'll know how to get around.  You're welcome. 

I know you want to click on this so you can see it better. You don't want to miss anything.


  1. It was a visit with your mother?

    Where is the route to the liquor store? That would be the first stop for me.

    Also, I am very impressed with your mad topology skillz.

  2. Could you be any more awesome at both getting around AND drawing maps? I highly doubt it.

    I feel like I could easily find my way around if I come to visit. In fact, it's almost as if I've lived there all my life. Sort of.

  3. I want to live in a tiki hut. Alone. With lots of red wine. And nowhere near a screaming child who won't go to sleep.

    Your map skills are bad ass. No really, they are. All those squiggly lines you have are what my straight lines looks like when I try to draw with my laptop's Paint software.

  4. I'd be more impressed if you really lived in a tiki hut.

  5. highlyirritable - liquor store! ha!

    jacqui - Right? I thnk i did you all a huge favour with this map. Now you're all experts.

    Elle - Me too! NO screaming kids allowed in the tiki hut.

    Lindsay - Fair enough. Me too.

  6. I love your illustrations - it helps much more than a GPS that tells you your road is going to end because you haven't updated it..

  7. That's great but I have to agree, if my parents or MIL came for a visit (God forbid) I'd be at the liquor store. Pronto.

  8. Coffee Lovin - Ah yes, that can be tricky.

    Lizbeth - I just drink after that leave ;)

  9. at least you don't give directions based on monuments that may or may not still exist and yet you continue to reference them.

    "I told you to take a left at the McDonalds"

    "there is no McDonalds"

    "yes there is, I totally got an egg McMuffin there 2 years ago"

    *angry face from the friend who got lost and ended up back on the highway

  10. rofl I heart this. I really heart that tiki hut. I want one. Very awesome sauce map my friend.

  11. Jaime - My friend did that with directions to her cottage! Brutal!

    LACE - Thank you! YOU are awesome sauce.

  12. hahahahahahahaahah that map is seriously the greatest thing ever

  13. I agree! I should contact the tourism board or something. They could probably make good use of it.