Sunday, 25 December 2011

Num num, rum rum in my tum tum

You guys.  I've made a dramatic discovery.  I've identified the one and only CURE for Ebeneezer-itus.  I can't believe I haven't found it before.  It's so obvious.  Are you ready? 

It comes in the form of eggnog. 

RUM and eggnog. 

I've had fun this week. 

Thursday at work was extremely uneventful, and I may or may not have arrived very late and departed very early.  Maybe. 

Friday was even better.  I got to the office in time for the children's pancake breakfast with my adorable twin-mom friend, LB.  I toured around showing off her babies as if they were my own, and then we ate pancakes.  Well, LB and I ate pancakes.  The babies drank some milk.  Actually, it could've been eggnog. 

When I finally got to my desk, a coworker came into my cubical:

"Ok! Let's go!"

"Let's go?!  I just got here!  I'm LOGGING INTO MY EMAIL RIGHT NOW. It's five minutes to 12, for godsake." 

"K. I'll give you five minutes."

And so we left.  I did send one work-related email, so at least there's that. 

After I battled the Christmas Eve downtown traffic (I don't want to talk about it), Hubby and I went hopping about town shopping and eating and doing all things Christmassy. 

And then it happened.  My Holiday Spirit finally made itself officially known.  Via eggnog.  And RUM. 

We watched the Griswolds and drank rum. 

Click here for Youtubey

Yesterday we wrapped gifts and then opened them almost immediately afterward.  I even got a kickass new iPod!  We ate duck breasts for dinner and then drank more rum, and then Tuxedo ran away with a duck breast and left dirty little paw prints across my floor.

As for today, the snow started last night and has been falling at a slow and steady pace ever since.  Even though all the weather experts said it'd be a green Christmas.  But they were wrong, weren't they?  Because CANADA NEVER FAILS.  Want snow? You got it, Canada says. 


The fam comes tomorrow, which of course we're looking forward to.  I just hope I don't run out of rum.   

Happy holidays y'all.  If I can find my Spirit, we know it's not all lost. 


  1. It sounds like the magical eggnog did it's job! I'm SO glad you found your Spirit and had a fun Christmas with snow and friends and Hubby and kickass new iPods!

    Once you're done with all your holiday eating and drinking, you can come visit and use my new Zumba for Wii to get ready for your bathing suit vacation.

  2. i need some magical eggnog! there seems to be a common theme amongst my blogging friends that alcohol makes christmas better.
    your snow looks pretty. have fun with the family!

  3. Hahaha you definitely don't wanna run out of alcohol around the fam. I'm stuck with really crappy wine tonight (but I'll take it, becase it's better than nothing).

  4. Dude. We have NO snow here in Michigan. NONE. Not a single snowflake. Actually, there's probably at least ONE snowflake, but that's not my point. The weather this year is just lame.

    Anyway. I've never had booze and eggnog before, but it sounds really good. I love eggnog, and I love booze. What could go wrong? Also, I've NEVER seen that movie, but a lot of my friends tell me I need to watch it. I usually stick with 'A Christmas Story', cuz I'm lame like that.

  5. Mmmmmm..... rum. Lucky you for having a white Christmas! Christmas is the only time of year I like snow. The rest of the winter can suck it.

  6. jacqui - Ooo... Zumba for Wii sounds fun.

    Sherilin - That's because it's true. Thanks :)

    Gia - I like wine, but something about eggnog this time of year... Either way, alcohol is alcohol!

    Mel - No snow?! Brutal. And holy hell you MUCT watch that movie. MUST.

    Ang - Agree about the snow. I only like it right now because I haven't had to go outside in it yet. Snow and I will be on bad terms again in the morning.

  7. I tried to do eggnog with brandy, but it was just soooo...eggnoggy. Too strong for me (not the brandy. The eggnog part).

  8. They would be your babies, if you were my lesbian co-parent. Just saying. xo LB

  9. Gia - The trick is lots of ice and a smaller nog-to-rum ratio. :)

    LB - Love it.