Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 6 - Yeah, I've been to some places.

This is Day 6 of my 100 (more like 200) Day Blog Challenge.  I'm supposed to share a picture of somewhere I've been. 

I've been a lot of places, y'all.  I mean, just this morning I went to work.  And yesterday - well, yesterday I never left the house, but I did go to the laundry room once. 

I've been to some other places too.  Winnipeg, for example.  Random example, but there it is. 

Actually, Hubby and I like to take a trip every year.  Usually every summer for our anniversary.  The first year we went to our nation's capital (which we now live in, so that's less exciting), then to Montreal, Niagara Falls, Toronto (that was a no-money year), NYC, Boston, PARIS and NICE (honeymoony!), Chicago, and finally New Orleans. 

Did I have a favourite? 


Well, every trip was wonderful.  Except Toronto.  So many things wrong with Toronto.  I think France was the best.  You can't argue with France.  There's something so special about a honeymoon - even when your wedding changed nothing about your exisiting relationship.  I've never been more relaxed than laying in corpse pose on a rock beach in Nice.  Seriously.  I channel that feeling on a regular basis. 

But last summer we didn't go because I was still recovering from my Crazy.  So we went in October instead! 

N'awlins was awesome.  There's a whole post about it here.  But here are two key photos.  Just because. 

I made Hubby take this photo with the boobies. 
He wouldn't put down his beer-in-a-bag though. 

Then I made him take this one of me with Mr Peeny.
Say cheese Mr Peeny!

You can link up your Blog Challenge posts here if you want - I want to know how many people are beating me at this challenge. 


  1. This is NOT a list. Oh, wait...that's your line. I love those photos! You look much happier with yours that Hubby does with his.

    I can't wait to hear about your next vacation. It's coming up soon, isn't it? And I hope to hear more about your trip to the laundry room yesterday.

  2. Hm, I might have to look into the challenge myself... Hilarious pictures! You should take a trip to South Carolina- I'm sure you'll see some stuff you haven't seen before (like me; and really weird people)

  3. You have a wise husband. Never put down the beer.

  4. BWAHAHA Mr Peeny BWAHAHAHA!!! Too funny.

  5. jac - lol, yes, that is my line! Because you never write a real list! :) Trip to the laundry room lol

    Vivien - I would LOVE to come to SC! I have a dear family friend there too.

    Lizbeth - lol So true.

    Ang - lol :)

  6. Look how cute you are all peen'd up n shit.

  7. Lady - Oh, don't i know it.

    Madge - I sures am!