Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ok. So I'm not so clever either.

Wow.  The fuchsia x-trainers saga continues.

I did get my shoes last week.  Yay!  And I loved them.  They were perfect. 

Or so I thought. 

But Hubby had to fuck me over and point out that they were too small. 

"What do you mean too small? I'm wearing them aren't I?'
"Your toes are too close to the end."
"No they aren't."
"Yes they are."
"How can you tell?"

Hubby plays squash, so apparently this makes him some sort of athletic shoe expert.  Don't make the same mistake I did by asking why or how this is true.  According to Hubby, it just IS.

So I had to send the goddam things back.  And after I'd already fallen in love with them, too.  Another mistake you should avoid?  Liking your shoes before your spouse has time to inspect them.  I know.  This makes sense in terms of female-male, but not vice versa.  Whatever.  The things you learn through marriage, I guess.  

At least Adidas offers free returns.  So I packaged my little shoes up and the postman picked them up at my house.  Farewell fuchsia friends...

So all that was left was to re-re-order the shoes in a slightly larger size.  No problemo, right?


All because everybody else screwed up in the first place, Adidas gave me 20% off.  Remember?  But my discount was subject to a one-time use online promo code.  ONE-TIME USE.  

So I had to call the customer service guy AGAIN and ask for ANOTHER discount for the purchase of the now THIRD pair of shoes. 

He was nice enough, and he emailed me a new promo code. 

Problem solved. 

Until I got the confirmation email that somehow indicated that I had ordered the size 5 again.  What?!  Nooooo! I want 5 and a half!  What the eff?

No, I don't know how that happened.  I'm just awesome.  We already know that.  

And I guess you know what I had to do next.  Yeah.  Call the Adidas customer service dude for the 50th time and ask for a THIRD promo code, for the FOURTH pair of shoes. 

I told him I would understand if he wanted to kick me in the shins, but he was surprisingly chipper about the whole shit-show. 

So Monday the shoes got re-re-re-ordered. 

And then I waited. 


You're probably sick of reading this, so here is a photo journal of the conclusion to the fuchsia x-trainers saga.  Enjoy!

Sweet redemption...

Hubby wasn't home yet, so I took all the pics by myself.

And the big reveal!!!

And then I *may* have gotten carried away with the camera.  Sorry.





  1. super cute shoes! super cute blogger!

  2. WHAT A RELIEF! Finally, I'll get a good night's sleep tonight!

    Great pictures! The shoes look amazing on you... congratulations!

  3. Sarcasm - cute = dorky. Thanks!

    jacqui - Yes, FINALLY. Me too. :)

    Angela - Yay! Shoes are a hit!

  4. you are lookin supa fly in those fab shoes! maybe finally these will be the magical shoes to make all your dreams come true.

  5. Yay for FINALLY getting your shoes. At first I was thinking fuck a duck, she still doesn't have her shoes. The pictures of you and your awesome shoes made my day. See, this is what happens by being a stay at home mom. :P

  6. Sherilin - supa fly! lol! I wish shoes had that power...

    Elle - Fuck a duck. LOL. I just picture you saying that like a kind and friendly belle or something. Like all sweet and nice, but with the word fuck in it. "Oh, dear, well isn't that just terrible? Fuck a duck." The shoes made my day too - doesn't take much for me either gal. :)

  7. I had to add that I love the 4th pic. Your hands seem to say "Come at me bitch, my shoes will kick your ass.

  8. lol that's totally what I was going for!

  9. first Elle, fuck a duck! awesome I thought I was the only one that said that lol

    second I love the shoes!!!! i want me some shoes!!! bad Sarah, no shoes for you. Oh shit, I was talking out loud to myself again. See what happens to a mommy on mat leave when she sees pretty shoes? damn you!

    thirdly, oh my gosh, if we hung out in real life we'd laugh too much and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Love the post!! lol

  10. Sarah,

    Fuck fuck fuck a duck, screw a kangeroo, finger bang and orangutan, support your local zoo. Ahh! I remembered it!

    And mommies on mat leave can still have pretty shoes! Especially running shoes that get delivered to your door (if you're lucky).

    Shenanigans! lol. No doubt! :)

  11. hey marianna annadanna
    I want a pair of these cool looking supershero shoes you have an extra promo coupon code for a discount i can use.....since your friends with customer and tell them you need a couple more codes for you blogger friends...wonderful show saga. p

  12. Hey Pleemiller!
    Superhero! Yes, they do look like that, don't they? I wouldn't say *friends* with customer service though... it's a delicate balance. But I'll see what I can do ;)

  13. fuckin-A!!!!

    Your photo story is SPECTACULAR! And I'm about 10 seconds from buying my own fuschia shoes, those are incredibly rad!

  14. We have an ER doc at work who has the neon-fricken-yellow version of these. I'm thinking I may need these to combat his neon-yellow-ishness while I tool around the ER.

  15. Carm - Wow, spectacular? Yay! I should tell more photo stories. Also, I like that you keep saying "rad". It reminds me of the 90s.

    Bitchypants - Neon yellow?! Sweet! You should totally rival those!

  16. Well, hello, beautiful friend! Love your shoes and your teensy weensy feet. Too much? Nah.

  17. Never too much! They are teensy weensy, but apparently not as teensy weensy as I originally thought. Hubby says: "They match your brain." Nice.

  18. Wow those shoes are really...fuschia!

    Now go out and get 'em dirty. Jo

  19. That they are! funny you say that. When Hubby got home he asked how I already got dirt on him. Then I had to show him the garden picture.