Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A first kiss to be proud of

Over at our cheesy blogger headquarters, Miss Sarcasm In Action came up with a genius writing prompt for this week.   First Kisses.

See?   Genius.   Miss Sarcasm is amazing.  Without her, this whole administration would crumble.

So I'm going to tell you about my first real kiss.   By "real" I mean a kiss that was exciting and fun, and that I actually wanted to partake in, rather than a kiss I simply felt obliged to give up.  The first un-boring, un-planned, and un-awkward kiss of my young life.

I was 17.   It was a gorgeous summer and I did nothing but work at my retail job, swim in my mom's pool, tan on my mom's deck, and drink pink grapefruit Loaded Soda in my mom's basement.  All of which set the stage for some intense flirting between yours truly and a cute blonde kid.

He was pretty much in love with me, and I took complete advantage of it for weeks - like all reasonable 17 year old girls would do.   I had him wrapped around my little finger.

Little did I know I was wrapping myself around his, too. 

It seems, in hindsight, that our friends were working against us.   Or with us.   Whichever.   They were implementing their master plan to get me and the cute blonde kid together.   We were left alone on several occasions, and teenage infatuation began to blossom.   One night in particular our friends took off like pranksters, and we were left alone in my basement. 

Once curfew began to approach (his, not mine), we started to walk up the stairs.   The adorable blond kid led me up the steps with my hands on his hips behind him.   I walked him to the front porch.   It was late on a warm and lovely July night. 

Then my crush asked me, gently into my ear if I would "go out with him".  Of course I would. 

He started to walk away down the porch steps, with our hands still linked and beginning to separate.

And then, then something must have come over me.   I grabbed his hand and pulled him back toward me.   Me one step higher, him coming closer.

And then I kissed him.   Kissed him the most memorable kiss.

Two weeks later we were head over heels in love and inseparable.   We were intertwined.

After a few years we got an apartment together, and then packed up our lives and moved away from Hometown together.   And almost two years ago we got married.   Finally.   And not. one. single. thing. changed.

Next Tuesday will be our 10 year anniversary.  A milestone.  Even more than nine years, and eight years, and every milestone before it.

Although Hubby would tell you he initiated that first kiss that started everything, he'd be a damn liar. But he wouldn't be lying if he said that without his patience and tolerance and incomparable heart we may not have made it this far.

But I did make that first move.  At least I have that.

Back in the old days. Ok, so 2004. But that's as far as my digital pictures go.
(And yes that's a young Patches on the right!)


  1. How sweet! I love this! That must have been one awesome kiss! Happy early anniversary! Wow...look at how many exclamation points I'm using!

  2. This is so adorable and I have a very low tolerance for adorable right now - it usually makes me wretch, but this made me smile.

    Mine was when I was 13, with a guy named Dov who I thought was the COOLEST ever. It was the day he got his braces off and we were in a park after school and it was AWESOME. He's now a doctor. Can I take some credit for that?

  3. Aw...that's such a sweet story!

    My first kiss was at 12 & looking back it was sorta creepy cause it happened in an abandoned house with a dude I thought was the coolest evah. Turns out he was a major douche, ha-ha.

  4. i blogged about my first kiss tonight too. i didn't marry mine, but it was fun to remember.
    how wonderful that you're still with the man who you dated when you were a teenager. i hope it lasts forever!

  5. jacqui - That *is* a lot of exclamation points! It's ok! It's fun! And contageous!

    Boatylicious - Sorry I almost made you wrech. Does it help to remember that we call each other names constantly? Dick pickle! Shit monkey! Ass licker! Fart Snatcher! Also, yes, him being a doctor was ALL you.

    Lin - Like the Notebook!

    Serilin - Send the link to DO IT! And it will certainly last forever. :)

  6. I'm barfing and crying at the same time. I wanna be you.

    I tried writing my first kiss story for Cheesy Bloggers but after it was done even I was bored, so off to the Recyle Bin it went. Looking forward to the next prompt!

  7. This is the most adorable story. I love you. And I'm jealous of your first kiss. Mine was slobbery.

  8. Ashes - Awesome, yes. And totally cheeseball.

    Carmen - Barfing and crying at the same time? Gross. Don't wipe your mouth and then your eyes.

    Handflapper - I love you too. I had my share of slobbery ones - this was the first one worth remembering.