Monday, 9 January 2012

Diets. Yea or nay?

How many people like to go on a diet?



Let's be clear.  I'm not a dieter. I watch my diet, but I don't slash it six ways to Sunday to achieve some sort of disillusioned goal.  Diets don't even work, do they?   Aren't we supposed to just improve our diet habits, not go crazy cutting out staples? 

All I've ever wanted was to be semi-healthy and therefore not feel like a total effing loser.  I watch what I eat, but there are no official  "rules" - because rules are ditch pigs.  I simply avoid shoving a shit-ton of crap into my face on a daily basis.  (Weekly, maybe, but not daily.)  I like my sweets and I eat them, but I like my veggies and I eat those too.  I'm ok with my choices.  I usually only feel like a loser when I haven't counteracted the crap with veggies or some type of - uh, what's that stuff called? Oh yeah.  EXERCISE.   

None of this was a problem when I was a gym-goer.  I was a big time yogi and kickboxer and I loved hiking too.  I watched what I ate, but it all balanced out.

Until Depression. 

When Depression first hit, I couldn't eat anything, and then I ate everything in sight, and now as much as I try to be active, motivating myself is problematic.  I'll get there.  I'm on the right track.  But in the meantime, I still eat all the same crap and I've lost all my counteractivity

So I'm trying something new.  I downloaded a calorie-counting app for my kickass iPhone.  Based on my weight and my beach-vacation exercise goals, it sets a daily calorie limit.  I track my food intake and energy exertion and then it shows how well I'm doing.  


Thanks to this asshole app, I get to see that even a glass of milk (which I always loved) is a "problem."  MILK.  Which is GOOD for me.  Healthy milk.  Milk that prevents Osteoporosis.  Milk that Canadian dairy farmers make for me.  Milk that provides a cute mustache.  Milk, that I used to like, has become the enemy. 

So I need your advice, folks. 

Should I:

a) keep counting the calories for a few weeks to achieve my bathing suit health goals and to become more aware of what I'm eating (knowledge is power, and all that);


b) stop adding apps to my kickass iPhone that essentially just piss me off?


secret answer c) Liposuction?

What do y'all think?



  1. B. Definitely B. I think calorie counting like that makes you obsessive. If you need that, fine. But if not, it'll make you crazier.

  2. I would say keep counting for a few weeks to see how you typically distribute your calories. Knowledge is power! :)

    (I am jealous you have a kickass iPhone.)

  3. What app are you using that actually criticizes your food choices?

    I'm a bored eater so I have to track my intake so I don't just sit there and mindlessly eat stuff all day.. I use to track.

    But yeah, definitely don't use apps that are pissing you off.

  4. QSD suggests to google "tabata exercise " re weight loss

    Momma says -scrap the crap app and embrace your b/suit parts -for one day they will wrinkle and you will give anything to have the "filling"back

  5. I'm all for A ... I used a calorie counting website for awhile and I did find it really helpful for a time to help me keep track of what I was eating.. :)

  6. B!!! Screw counting stupid calories and screw the stupid self righteous iPhone app. Diets suck and never work, I say continue to eat what you want just in moderation and try to exercise more. Exercising is a bitch too but better than cutting out all the yummy food ;)

  7. Hum, I have tried the whole counting calories thing and I have found that all it does is make me feel depressed and stressed . . . so I am voting for B. Scrap the app and focus on replacing one sweet with at least one veggie.

    I have seen the pictures and so I can say with great authority that you are beautiful just the way that you are! I understand not feeling comfortable in your own body . . . I am not a big fan of mine . . . but I also know that focusing on perceived negatives just become a trigger for slipping back into the darkness.

    Get back to exercising because that will do both your body and your mind a world of good . . . unlike that sucky app!

  8. Gia - Good point. I dont' want to get crazier. That's for sure.

    Angie - Yeah, I might try it a bit longer and see how obsessive I get...

    Yandie - Yes, it's MyFitnessPal. Maybe I will try it for a bit. I agree - it's the mindless snacking that's the problem.

    Momma & QSD - Not interested in "weight loss". And yeah, the app won't last long I dont't think.

    Jaime - I may try it for a bit...

    Amanda - Yes! Self rightious is right. Once I get to the gym more I'll ditch the app!

    Foxy - It is all about exercising. That's where I'm headed. Thanks doll.

  9. Do what I do, and eat half a pack of Oreos and then hate yourself for the rest of the morning. Yeah, I said morning. On second thought, don't do that...

  10. D) post a pic of you in a bathing suit TODAY on the fridge.

    Seriously it works.

    But in all honesty, I bet you look fabulous anyways.

  11. Screw the app and just be more active in ways you enjoy. No need to add further rage in your life.

  12. Heather - lol. I LOVE that idea. LOVE.

    Carm - Nice. You're a clever one.

    Ang - I might just do that...

  13. I went on Bernstein in which I wasn't allowed carrots or bananas - my two favorites - (AND NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE PHALLIC, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) - because of their high natural sugar content. I hated it. Bullcraptastic.

  14. I feel like I'm a little late to the game here. Oh well. Diets are stupid. Counting calories is both laborious and annoying. I'm a fan of the eating more veggies and fruits and staying away from things like doughnuts and french fries, and getting more exercise, even if some days that just means a few trips up and down the basement stairs and calling it good. I struggled with anorexia in high school, and now I admit I'm a little afraid of diets, because I don't want to go back to that place again. Just be smart about it, I guess. Add in little bits of exercise when you can: take the stairs instead of the elevator. Unless you live/work on like the 20th floor, cuz that's just nuts. The little bits really do add up :)

  15. I like to think of my eating choices as if I were shopping. How many calories/fat/sugars do I have to "spend" and what do I get in return? Milk may "cost" you a bit in these categories, but you get good protein, calcium, and other nutrients, so you just have to decide if it fits into your daily "budget." Then, go bargain hunting for foods that give you a lot without spending a lot!

    Yes, I am a nerd.

  16. Lady - No bananas!? That's STUPID.

    Mel - I do happen to work on the 21st floor, but I try to take the stairs between floors. I also try to walk briskly between busstops and stuff. I just need to start targeting some chubby areas... :)

    E3 - Nerd is right! haha j/k

  17. Do (a), because it will work (worked for me, back when I had the patience and self-esteem to care what I looked like) and it felt AWESOME. Not just the knowledge, but also how great my ass used to look in jeans. le sigh. My ass looked so good that it deserved $250 jeans. Now it gets $10 old navy jeans and no calories get counted. See what a vicious cycle it is. COUNT LADY! xo LB

  18. I have no advice. Other than telling you I feel your pain. I agreed to alter my diet to provide moral support for a friend who wants to lose weight. WTH was I thinking??? So we're doing South Beach (I'm doing a modified South Beach), which is really all about teaching you how to eat. How your body processes food. All that good stuff. And it's really made me realize how much crap I put in my body. But I'm no good at denying myself things I want. So I'm cutting out the things I don't really need. Soda, candy, bread. But if there's something I really want, I'm going to have it. And I just hope it balances out...

  19. LB - Well, I've got some knowledge now, but I've been doing ok without the calorie counter. The counter kjust makes me feel like shit. But it's still in the back of my mind (and the back of my pants)

    Rachel - I SUCK at denying. Lately I've just been replacing with alternates. It's working. So far. Balance is KEY.

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