Friday, 1 March 2013

The best "you're preggers" response of all time

This week, for pretty much the first time, I actually got a reaction to my pregnancy that felt goodOther than Hubby (who indulged with me with bug-eyed panic faces for the first couple weeks), most people have the same responses:

Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

Followed by the inevitable:

How are you feeling? Do you feel pregnant?

And then the intermittent:


Although I am getting used to the constant questions (and dealing with the extra attention in a classic Marianna way - with bold and honest answers), I have yet to hear something that truly made me happy.  ME.  Not everyone else. 

This week my guy friend and former colleague was late to the party and finally heard I’m preggers. And this is the email I got…

Congrats on creating human life. Seriously. That’s complicated stuff. Just look at your index finger, like, really closely. I mean, hold it up 1 inch from your face and check it out. It’s pretty spectacular. You’re creating 8 of them right now, with a set of matching thumbs, from scratch. Plus, you’re doing it in your sleep. Come on. How crazy is that? You’re creating human life in your sleep. Who can do that!? You can. Props.
This makes me (granted, in my heightened emotional state) want to cry. In a good way. Because as I’m sure you’ve heard from me before, GROWING A HUMAN IS FUCKING HARD, yo. A message like this from a friend simply acknowledging that fact without making me feel like a weird mutant freak show is, well, fucking priceless.

Not only that, but he gave me some great tips too. For example:

I won’t give you any advice because frankly I was terrified the whole time. Enjoy what you can and be amazed by yourself. YOU’RE CREATING HUMAN LIFE!!!

For the remaining months, you should create scenarios that give you the occasion to tell people that you’re creating human life from scratch. “Hey Dude. That looks like a good salad. Did you make it? Wow, all I made was a whole human being. But hey, your salad is pretty good too, right?” “How was your weekend? Do anything fun? I developed a central nervous system for this human being that I’m creating inside me… while blogging.”

Just go with it and find what works for you. My one piece of advice: don’t apologize for anything. Feel how you feel and establish boundaries.

You are creating human life. It’s hard. You have full license to complain.
I love this email exchange and I’ve blogged it here so I can continue referring back to it and reminding myself how awesome I am. And how awesome my friend is. And how awesome this whole experience is, despite the fact that most days it kinda sucks.

Seriously, best of luck to you both. You’re going to be great.

  ***Dear friend: I hope you don’t mind that I pasted this on the interwebs. I know you’ll tell me if it bothers you, in which case I will edit and/or delete at your request - I promise. In any case, thank you for helping me feel less crazy.


  1. I love your friend's response!

  2. This is awesome and I need to use it to remind my kids of how awesome I am. May I?

    And OF COURSE you're going to do great. You ARE doing great.

    1. Oh please do! Remind them regularly and often! Thank you dear :)

  3. Sounds like a deep thinker, your friend. I like deep thinkers -- like Jack Handey.

    And congrats!!!

    1. He is a deep thinker! Very clever that one. Thanks ;)

  4. Can you friend also be my friend? He sounds like one of the best kinds!

    You know what? I think I'm going to spin off what he's said here every time I hear someone is pregnant. He's inspired me. Hell, he's inspired a MOVEMENT! Could you imagine a world where moms give each other props for creating/sustaining human life (once the baby's born) instead of judging one another for countless minutia? That would be so awesome. Kind of like growing a human being, from scratch!

    1. Me too! We need to remind each other how amazing we are!

  5. I fucking hate that I didn't write that.

    Your friend is amazing (running in close second to you because you're super duper amazing).

    1. Well you're super duper pooper amazing! Oh wait...