Sunday, 5 June 2011

Shitionary Sunday Yet Again (aka Shitionary-Gate)


Ok, it's Shitionary Sunday!  Go!

And the answer is...

Body Check. 

That's a hockey player.  And I circled his body.  And then there's a check next to him (or "cheque", for me.) 

See?  Body + Check = Body Check

I don't watch hockey.  Or any sport, actually.  Unless So You Think You Can Dance is a sport. 

But I have been watching some of the Stanley Cup Final because our beloved Canucks are playing! I don't really know much about the Canucks, either, but I do love Luongo.  Luuuuuuuuu!

The hilarious genius Handflapper won!  Yay!  And on her birthday too!  YAY YAY!  Congrats, Doll.  Sorry.  I didn't get you anything else for you birthday.  Cherish this. 

And my friend Elle P was pretty close with "penalty check".  I'm not sure what a penalty check is, but I figure she was on the right track.  And for that I bestow this lovely button upon her:

And the whole thing was all happy-go-lucky, until...

Until I was unceremoniously accused of CHEATING!

And then it all got REALLY out of hand.  Governments fell, someone sent a text to Jesus, and I think someone else was grounded.  I'm not sure what happened...

You can try to follow the shit-show on twitter, if you like.  But I might not advise it.  Twitter is dirty.

It all started when I felt bad for my poor friend Steph who NEVER wins Shitionary.

(To be fair, she doesn't really guess realistic possibilities.  But I think if she ever actually KNEW the answer, she'd guess it.)

So I told Steph that next time I'd draw something cheese-related and then she'd be sure to get it. 

But then my "friend" Jacqui got all up in our bid-nas.

So that turned into what we're calling The Great Shitionary Scandal of 2011.  Or Shitionary-Gate

Eventually I think we worked it out.   

But I won't be sure until the next round.  We'll see if a cop shows up at my door or something. 

Or Jesus.  If Jesus shows up here, man, I'm gonna SHIT MY PANTS. 



  1. I dont know anything about Canadian hockey!!!!! Although I did read you guys beat the Bruins and Canucks jerseys are in high, expensive demand. BUT I

  2. Elbow check! Or cheque. And I should be bonus points cuz we don't even have hockey down South!

  3. Steph - you don't need to know hockey to know this! I NEVER watch hockey!

    Handflapper - You're close, but no cigar.

  4. You have ESP, read my mind, and drew a picture of me waiting by the garage door to beat my hubby with a stick because he went to work on a Sunday and I'm stuck at home with a toddler who keeps on throwing tantrums. Right? I know I'm close. Lol.

    I'll have to give it another go as soon as I have time to think.

  5. Dude getting stabbed by hockey stick and the red circle is the huge pool of blood. what the hell is the arrow doing floating in mid air? Is Chris Angel around? Oh wait. that is Chris Angel.

    Or, it's the Atlanta Thrashers getting the axe and bought out and sent up North to Winnipeg!!! They better name them the Jets! WE've waited 15yrs for this.

    k. I'm done. Can't wait to see the other answers lol

  6. I want to puck you like an animal? Fuck, puck, same thing. My brain just isn't working lately. I think I'm a Shitionary peaker too sooner since I got the first one right but have sucked since.

    I admit I like hockey but could care less about anything but the fights. I don't watch it or know the professional team names but I've been to minor league games and I love seeing grown mean beating the crap out of each other.

    There goes my pacifist award.

  7. Elle - Yes! It's you waiting to beat your hubby with a stick! No. Wait. No it isn't. Your second comment isn't *that* far off, actually.

    LACE - lol A huge pool of blood? They haven't confirmed the name yet?! I agree. Welcome home Jets!

    Elle P - You so close!

  8. Hmmmm. Okay. Psycho hockey dude's entire body is circled, so the arrow maybe isn't intended to point to just his elbow. Body check? I hope it doesn't have anything to do with his stick, because I do know that you have to go a time-out corner or something for hitting people with sticks. At least in my house you do.

  9. Well I figured the outline of it as you didn't want to marr the awesome drawing of Chris Angle with a hockey stick sticking out of his abdomen. No, they haven't confirmed the name yet. Everyone wants the Jets. but of course it won't be so. On that note, 7000 tickets sold on Friday. When they went on sale to the public they were sold out in 10minutes. Geez, crazy hockey fans in Winnipeg or what lol

  10. LACE - Hockey stick out of his abdomen? haha! Wow, 7000 already? You Winnipeggers are nuts! I'm happy for you though. I've bene to Winnipeg twice before. It was great! Except the first time it was January and -40 pre windchill.

  11. Elle - Nope, but that's clever! You're probably thinking too hard.

  12. I am not going to guess at all because of something I just saw on twitter. I will pout instead because I got here too late. :(

  13. jacqui - You should still guess! There's lots of time :)

  14. Ok, first off, why are there quotes around "friend"? This is so funny and I look so pretty! I love this SO much! Except the quotes around friend...I don't love that part.

  15. You know I love you Chick. lol :) I love ALL of you for playing! This is so much fun for me! Yay! Thank you Jesus!

  16. I will cherish my award. And that's the best picture of me EVER.

  17. I will cherish my honorable mention! Now how can I put it on my site? It's my first award! Squueeeeee!!!

  18. Yay! "Squeee" lol. You can just copy the image and paste it on there! It's all yours!

  19. I can't play Shitionary worth a crap.

  20. Everybody says that, but then *somebody* wins. Chicken. Bok, buk, buk, buk BOK!