Who the hell is Roseanne Roseannadanna?

Get with it.  This is Roseanne Roseannadanna.  She was a character played by Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s and 80s.  Although I wasn't alive during Roseanne Roseannadanna's time, I can appreciate the early golden days of SNL (pre- Dana Carvey and Mike Myers, pre- Chris Farley and David Spade, pre- Will Ferrell and Tina Fay).  Also?  Someone nicknamed me "Marianna Annadanna" - and I guess it kinda stuck. 

What is a "Snappy Surprise"?

Well, I'm kinda snappy.  And while to most of the people who know me, my snappiness is not a surprise, per se, I prefer to think it should be.  I'm really very unassuming and polite.  Believe it.  Also?  Roseanne Roseannadanna once gave a very inspirational college graduation speech in which she used the term - and I guess that, too, kinda stuck.

Hey, did you enjoy pregnancy?

Um, well, in a word?  No.  No, I did not.  While the second one was better than the first, I tend to think that was because I had less time to be self-involved.  The only saving grace of my experience in growing tiny humans was when my little munchkins kicked me.  And ya know, afterward, when they came home with me.  You can read my thoughts on pregnancy in the "Growing Tiny Humans" category.  Be warned, I'm honest. Grateful and impressed with my body, but honest about my feelings just the same.  I also have some thoughts on parenting, which are in some cases filed under Fraggle or Warner Brother, or in Words of Wisdom.  

Do you complain about everything?


Are you depressed and anxious?

Not lately.  I spent some time in a dark, scary age and since then I've worked very hard to avoid returning.  I often experience serious anxiety and I'm no stranger to real-life, body-stiffening, vomit-inducing panic attacks.  For more on that, check here.  

Are you for reals?

Usually?  Yeah.  It may be a mistake on your part to take the entirety of what I write as the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I don't make this shit up.  I might add emphasis for the sake of pure hilarity, but I don't lie.  I hope you enjoy it, but ultimately, this is my blog - so it's for me.  If I wrote it for you, it'd be WAY more interesting.  On occasion I do get serious.  You can read the soul-bearing, heartfelt posts here.  

Got a question?  Here's your chance. 


  1. Have you watched crazy honey badger yet?

    You MUST.

  2. Yes! Hubby and I quote it constantly. "Whoa! What out says that bird!"

    Actually, I wrote about it here: