Monday, 13 June 2011

Pass me my peanut butter. Now.

How was your weekend?

Mine pretty much sucked ass. 

I think the low point occurred when I was sitting alone on the couch surfing the interwebs, with my jar of peanut butter in one hand and a knife in the other. 

Despite the deliciousness of peanut butter, that was not what one would call the highlight of my life. 

I had spent all day Saturday sleeping in the living room in my pajamas.  Not as awesome as it sounds, let me tell you.  But sometimes I'm just too damn exhausted to put any effort into anything but that.  And yes, even sleeping in the living room is effort, because it isn't the bedroom

I ended up sending Hubby over to the neighbour's backyard party - so he could have some fun, and so I could have some time to eat my peanut butter in peace.

So I watched Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in a cute chick flick, and then whined to my twitter/blogger friends jacqui and Ang.

(Angela and I have decided that I can call her Ang since we're such good friends.  Or because everyone does.  Whatever.)

Sunday wasn't so bad I guess.  Hubby had a little show at a charity bike ride, but the Park Cop was strongly opposed to a band mate's Chiwawa in a bag, so that fell through. 

From there Starbucks was probably the highlight.  Or maybe the sushi I ate for dinner. 


And then Handflapper and Steph said I'd be a terrible cannibal, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but I decided it didn't matter because I didn't actually EAT my lip, I just bit it off and spat it out. 

So I worked from home today to nurse my bruised ego and missing lip.  And eat peanut butter.  Just with my finger this time. No need for the knife. 

I think my lip might grow back, but I'm not sure the ego meds can be mixed with the lip-replacement meds, so we'll see.  If I had to pick, I might pick the ego meds.  Even though one seems fairly reliant on the other. 



  1. Ah, it's ok. Just my life these days. One day at a time. Peanut butter helps.

  2. Peanut butter makes everything better. If your lip grows back, I hope it doesn't grow back into those awful trout lips that women are getting these days. Just eat more peanut butter. I'm sure that will prevent it from happening.

    If it doesn't grow back, you can always use peanut butter to form a new lower lip but then you'd probably just end up biting that off because one cannot resist the power of peanut butter.

  3. I love you. And I like the peanut butter lip idea. I'm gonna look into that. Delicious.

  4. I once fell off a swingset (backwards) and bit THROUGH my lip, but it didn't come off. The hole healed almost without a scar though, so maybe lips have amazing regenerative properties? Or I'm a lizard.

  5. Remember when you were eating organic peanut butter out of the jar and then you wanted sweetened peanut butter with chocolate to stick in it? And then remember how how you bit your lip off? Oh, just wrote about it. So of course you remember. I'm such an idiot!

  6. See? You would be a totally crappy cannibal, because not only did you bite yourself, then you didn't even eat the piece you bit off! AND you wasted food!

    Seriously, sorry about your lip. And you eat peanut butter from the jar with a spoon, not a knife, not that I would know.

  7. hooodyhoo - lol. I think Lizard.

    jacqui - But the lip biting was not associated with the peabut butter. That was from a too-friggin-big piece of sushi. Peanut butter would never do that to me.

    handflapper - Ew. The knife was for spreading onto crackers, but eventually I just skipped teh crackers altogether.

  8. Right after you dip the SPOON (see what I did there? Tsk tsk on the whole knife thingy) immediately dip it into melted chocolate. This is scrumptious. I heard.

  9. The knife was for spreading on crackers! But the crackers became unnecessary. Melted chocolate is always scrumptious.

  10. Just discovered your blog and started reading some of your older posts. This is hilarious!

    Oh, yeah. Sorry about your lip! I'm sure it will grow back! :-)

  11. Glad you stopped by! My lip seems to have grown back but I"m sure I'll bite it off again sometime in the near future.