Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Whisky, pig brains, and car sex

Rapid fire weekend updates!  Go!

Friday night:

We had beers and roasted marshmallows with the neighbours.  Hubby swore that the intense smell of the backyard fire pit would be noticeable on him the next day.  Needless to say, Hubby lost the bet and now owes the neighbour a beer.


We drove to Hometown for my cousin's wedding.  We were running late so we drove way too fast the whole way (which I normally don't condone, but in this case the wedding was on an island, so missing the ferry and shuttle bus wasn't an option). 

This is the ferry. But I'm not on it at this particular time.

The wedding was beautiful - on the lake, with the sun breaking through at the exact right time.  It was a musician's wedding, so all the guests were super cool and casual.  I've never seen so many sandals and shorts at a wedding.  And the groom was playing frisbee in the field.  

All the musicians later took the stage for the rock-out of all rock-outs.  Hubby said he brought his guitar pick just in case they found the band's guitarist locked up and gagged in the closet

Then one of the drunk groomsmen grabbed the giant pig head left on the table from the roast and brought it to the dance floor to join in the fun.  Best. Dance partner. Ever.

The only problem with a wedding in a field is that my shoes were problematic.  Eventually I took them off, which if you wear heels, you know makes it impossible to put them back on afterward.  Swollen feet.  Or my body rejecting them.  Tomato/tomoto. 

The result was the dirtiest feet of all time - caked with mud and grass and I think maybe some pig head juice.  And they only got dirtier when we walked through knee-high grass back to the shuttle bus, and then from the bus to the ferry, then around the ferry (which doesn't allow beer on board, by the way), and then from the ferry back to the car.  Classy.


First an all-you-can-eat sushi lunch with ma-in-law and some friends.  Turns out that even if mango ice cream isn't on the menu it will mysteriously appear if you just ask.  Bonus.

Then we had a lovely visit with Hubby's Poppy in the hospital.  Poppy has, despite everything, maintained his glorious sense of humour.  When we slipped some Jack Daniels into his Pepsi he said "Oh, that'll living me up." 

Hello, old friend.

From there a visit with the other set of grandparents and then a delicious fajita dinner.  (Minus brother-in-law's birthday cake, which was apparently too much food for one night.)  

Finally we stopped at Mom's to drop off my gift for her tiny dog named Ah-choo.  A dog bikini.  Enough said. 

Then we got stuck in traffic on the way home, which was a giant piss-off, so we said we'd only refer to it as the time we stopped on the roadside and got sexy. 

The end.



  1. bahahaha ~ stopped on the roadside and got sexy. LOVE it!!! Jealous of the barefoot in the field. I hate shoes too constricting. Glad you had a good time.

  2. I love spiking the drink with some Jack, that's priceless!

  3. Lace - Barefoot in the field was pretty fun. Except for the fear of rattle snakes. Not that we have those, because as you know, we do not. But when I shouted into the PITCH black night "Watch out for rattlers!" in response I heard "I got a giant rattler over here!" from a drunk guy pissing in the bushes. Nice.

    Lizbeth - it was priceless, actually. Such a sweet old man. :)

  4. Roasted marshmallows, sushi, and a fajita dinner....best weekend ever. Now I'm really hungry.

    I so miss getting sexy in the car. I'm sure you wanted to know that. ;)

  5. Wow. Can we go back in time and trade weekends? Every bit of this sounds awesome...the wedding, the pig's head dance partner, the dog bikini...well, all except for the hospital part. (Get Well Soon!)

    And look at you getting sexy in the car! Well, not literally look at you...because I wouldn't do that. I would avert my eyes...I promise.

  6. Bwahaha...you know it had to have been one helluva night when you have the dirtiest feet ever & they may or may not be covered in big head juice! *gag*

    Poppy sounds pretty effing awesome, haha.

  7. Elle - It was a delicious weekend! Yum.

    jacqui - I can neither confirm nor deny if HUbby and *actually* got sexy in the car. All I said was that that's how we'd refer to it from now on.

    Lin - The pig head juice was both the best AND worst part of the weekend!