Friday, 30 April 2010

What happened?

Have you ever just found yourself suddenly asking the universe the ultimate burning question: How did I get here? 

What I mean is, you just wake up one day, or it just randomly occurs to you:  What friggin happened?  How did I get myself into this situation?

Hubby was asked/hired to do some repair work at a fast-food chain.  He was then asked/told to delay his work until later in the day, beyondn the busiest hours of the morning.  He was then asked/required to leave and come back to do the work OVERNIGHT due to the excessive noise that the necessary jackhammer would produce.

So, at 2 am, when he was tiling the floor of some dirty downtown food chain, and some drunk guy came out of the bathroom and stepped on the newly laid wet tiles, he must have been asking himself:  How did I get here?  What the eff is happening?  How did I get myself into this?

Or when he was hallucinating on the drive home at 5am, he had to have been thinking: I had 2 options – yes, and no.  And I somehow picked the WRONG option.  Someone must have tricked me.  Someone must have talked me into this when I wasn’t paying attention.  How did this happen?

And even when he made a boatload of money, he still swore he’d never do it again.  Not for $5000 would he ever again stay up all night jack-hammering and tiling a restaurant floor.  No amount of money was enough to make it okay.  And he’s surely still wondering: How did I let that happen?

I’m sure most of us have been in such a situation. For example, have you ever found yourself sitting at your job wishing you were somewhere (or anywhere) else?  Or arguing with your mate about making an extreme impulsive purchase, like a motorcycle or a $400 purse.  Or stooping to pick up your neighbour’s dog’s shit, even though you offered to dog-sit. 

And when in a situation such as those, you just randomly get to thinking: How the HELL did this happen?  Where am I?  Why am I here?  Am I dreaming?  This CANNOT be real – I can’t have allowed it to get to this point.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in an Ikea line-up with $700 worth of crap (and then at home putting it all together afterward).  Or maybe you bought your kid a set of drums.  Or you’re sitting with your banker trying to dig yourself out of years of over-indulgence. 

I bet you’re saying to yourself: I chose the wrong fork-prong in this effing road.  My choices seemed limited, but were they this limited?  What am I supposed to do in this situation – there really isn’t much to work with.  How do I END this madness? 

While it may seem overwhelming, at least take comfort in the fact that you are not the only one - you are not the only person who often wonders:  What – in this godforsaken world – has frigging happened?


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