Thursday, 19 May 2011

Turns out Adidas sucks too

I just thought you may be interested in the next installment of the fuchsia x-trainers saga

I never heard from the friggin postal douches, so I called them Tuesday.  The shoes are definitely lost.  I should check Craigslist and Kijiji - I bet someone's making some money off them.  Assholes. 

So the postal douches said they've contacted Adidas and they're waiting to receive the paperwork.  [Subtext: Now it's Adidas fault.]

The postal douches told me to call Adidas.  Me?!  You call them!  Or they should call me!  I PAID for those shoes you effers!  I want my shoes! 


So I called Adidas but they weren't open.  Dick pickles.  The voicemail said I could leave a message, so I did.  A very gentle message including all the pertinent information and a request for a return call the following day.  I'm very reasonable and polite.  Believe it. 

Wednesday came and went without a call from Adidas.  WELL KNOCK ME DOWN AND CALL ME CHRISTMAS.  What a surprise. 

So I just called the effers and told them the whole story - about how the postal douches lost my shoes, and how I don't care about a refund - I JUST WANT MY SHOES. 

Me:  "They told me I should call you."

Adidas: "Why should you call us?  They should deal with it."

Me:  "Well, they are dealing with it.  But I don't care that you have to send them 'paperwork', and then they have to send the money to you, and then you have to send the money to me.  I don't need money - I JUST WANT MY SHOES."

Adidas:  "Oh.  Ok.  Well, I'll refund you the money and you can order them again."

Me: *giant sigh* "Why didn't you just do that in the first place?  I have to say, I'm annoyed with you.  When you found out the shoes got lost, shouldn't you call me and fix it?  I know Adidas doesn't care about me or the 100 bucks, but I JUST WANT MY SHOES."

He claimed Adidas does care about me [Subtext: Don't freak out, lady] and he gave me 20 percent off.  Fair enough. 

So I ordered the shoes again and they better effing be on my front step in a few days or I'M GONNA LOSE IT. 



  1. Good lord, all you want is shoes! IS THAT SO HARD, ADIDAS? Apparently yes. Yes it is.

  2. 20% was not nearly enough of a discount for having to listen to that ass-hat. Betcha someone at the postal office is looking pretty spiffy in their new runners...

  3. Dick pickles. tee hee.

  4. Christmas.

    You told me to.

    Plus, you should get AT LEAST 30% off for your trouble. After all, you still have to move to Caroline Avenue to get your shoes.

  5. I don't understand why everyone is so against you having shoes! It must be a conspiracy of some sort. Why else would they be going to all this trouble just to keep you shoeless?

  6. So glad we don't have to depend on Adidas for oxygen, otherwise we would be dead by now. Dead AND shoeless! Once again I'm crushing on @SarcasmInAction. Not crushing her to death, I'm not some psycho *bwahaha*, just a girlie crush.

  7. Wait... I'm doing some math. One lost pair of shoes = 20 percent off. If they lose your shoes 4 more times, them bassurds'll be FREE!

  8. Carm - Omg you're right! Those postal douches probably stole my shoes! How often do they do that, do you think?

    Lori - :) That's usually the name for Hubby around here.

    Sarcasm - Yes, Christmas! It's true. I wonder if they cover relocation costs?

    jacqui - It does seem like a lot of trouble doesn't it? As if I'm not depressed enough as it is... (haha)

    Elle - True dat. Oh, and me too, for sure. Except mine's a *little* psycho...

    hoodyhoo - Now THAT would be a blessing in disguise, wouldn't it? haha!

  9. Now you won't get your shoes because everyone at the post office and Adidas will be raptured, because you know all the assholes are going to Heaven. Oh the bright side, you can just go knock out a window at a shoe store help yourself.

  10. If only the shoe stores had my effing size! That's why I had to oder them online int he first place! DAMMIT!