Tuesday, 21 June 2011

And the saga continues. Seriously.

Since I FINALLY received my new bright fuchsia x-trainers in the mail (and was able to conduct an exceptional photo shoot of several self-portraits), I thought the whole damn saga was over.

I was wrong.

Yesterday I checked my credit card statement, and do you know what I found?  I found that Adidas is a dill hole.

As I expected, there were FOUR payments for the shoes:
  • First: $112 for the original shoe order that they lost in the mail.
  • Second: $99 for the discounted replacement shoe order that ended up being the wrong stupid size.
  • Third: another $99 for the re-discounted correct size (of which I ended up accidentally clicking on the wrong size again, so had to cancel).
  • And Fourth: $99 for the re-re-discounted final perfect pair.
All of that is nuts, of course, but I had been in constant contact with my buddy at customer service, so I assumed it was all worked out.

As I said… WRONG.

According to my credit card statement, I have only been refunded for TWO of those FOUR purchases. You know what means, don’t you?

IT MEANS I PAID $198 FOR ONE PAIR OF BRIGHT FUCHSIA X-TRAINERS. They are adorable, but really?  200 bucks?

So I emailed my customer service buddy at Adidas, and attached a copy of my credit card statement to the email, highlighting the FOUR purchases with only TWO refunds.  And this is the email I got back:

Hi Marianna,
Yes i do remember you!!!
After revewing the status of your credit i can confirm that you were credited on May 20th, 2011 in the amount of $112.99.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me again.
Your pal,
Adidas Dude on behalf of Adidas Dill Hole
Oh my god.

Yes, I was refunded for $112.  THAT WAS FOR THE FIRST ORDER THAT YOU LOST IN THE MAIL.  There were THREE subsequent orders, pal – one of which you reimbursed, and another of which I STILL WANT MY MONEY FOR.

So I replied to the fart snatcher my friend and told him to actually look at the credit statement I sent him in the first place.  No response yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In the meantime, if you each send me one dollar, I’ll be refunded in no time.  Except if you’re American.  If you're American you’ll have to send me a dollar and, like, five cents to make up the exchange rate.  Thanks bunches.



  1. OHMYGOSH Those are some expensive ass shoes at this point!
    They'd better make you breakfast in bed or something.

  2. Good grief! I hate dealing with shit like this. I has a sad for you :(

  3. I will be glad to send you $1.05...in fact, I will raise it to $1.50. That's right...45 cents more than you requested. That's how much I love you.

    I really hope you have learned your lesson and will switch to Nike.

  4. Sarcasm - Yes! Breakfast in bed, and a foot massage, and good scrub of my bathroom!

    Ang - "Good grief!" lol

    jacqui - You love me less than 50% more than I expect you to? I figure you should at LEAST love me twive as much as I think. Even thrice.

  5. Wow. clearly you only have to have a 3rd grade education to work in customer service over at Adidas.

    Ill send in my daughter's resume. She needs to start bucking up if I am too be able to afford $200 fuschia running shoes too

  6. That is an outrage. You should sic Jacqui on them, she speaks their language.

  7. Oh, and by language, I meant American. Not dillholese.

  8. Carmen - I'm concerned that your 3rd grade daughter has a resume.

    Mountain Momma - Yes! Oh. Wait. You just mean because she's Amercian. Never mind. (haha! j/k chick!)

  9. I hate when companies do that, good luck getting it all fixed. Would I look like an idiot if I asked what a dillhole is?

    Though those shoes are pretty sweet. I think I may have to bother my hubby for something like that... they'll make me run faster. lol

  10. Holy shit that's a lot of moola for tennis shoes, even if they are super cute ones.

    Hopefully they'll refund you all your money asap. But if they dont, I'll be sending you my American $1.05 ;)

  11. Ashes - Um, I don't know what a dillhole is? Kind of like a douchebag I guess. Nice job. You stumped me!

    Lin - Why are you winking at me? I hope you're serious about the $1.05. 'Cause if you're not, that's just mean.

  12. All of this for shoes, awesome shoes, yes, but effity eff eff. When you're on the phone dealing with this and since you can't stab people over the phone (damn), try and find a voodoo doll (?) shoe and stab away.

    I ordered a lamp online for Avery's room a month ago and the company happily took my money but we still haven't gotten her lamp. They make you jump through hoops just to contact the effers.

    Girl, you're on FIRE with your replies. Just what I needed to read right now. x

  13. "Effity eff eff" ha! Yes! That's just how it feels! And sorry, but it sounds like you're never going to get that lamp. Hopefully your hummingbird is not afraid of the dark... Glad to be of service :) xo