Thursday, 2 June 2011

Laughter is the best medicine. And Xanex.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I've had a painful day.  Asshole Depression and Bitch Anxiety strike again.  When will this let up?  Never, apparently. 

But I have an amazing doctor who has graciously upped my meds, a supportive workplace that lets me work from home occasionally, and numerous wonderful friends (real life, twitter, and/or blogger) that helped me through. 

Not to mention that a twitter fight over Aged Canadian White Cheddar always lifts my spirits, even if I am a Cheese Nazi.  (Thanks Steph and Jacqui#cheesegreed)

So, despite my breakdown this afternoon (after yet again facing the fact that I suck giant monkey balls), I'm back on track. 

Know why?

Well, for one, my mom listened to me cry.  (Because what are moms for?)  And because I got some encouraging words.  And because Hubby got home from work. 

But ALSO because the aforementioned Steph, Miss SarcasminAction herself, is a GODDAM GENIUS. 

She came up with a hilarious idea to create a Blogger Face-Off.  She sought participants, and then sent out a set of questions (related to, for example, jelly shoes, Viagra, and laundry, just to name a few), and she'll now pair up respondents two at a time. 

Today she paired herself against (although she swears it's not a competition) yours truly, and it turned out great! YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT! 

Thanks darlin!  You exponentially improved my très shitty day.  (Another French word for Steph, which means "very".  I'm Canadian, but she doesn't hold it against me.)



  1. you are too too nice to me. you should stop. i'm totally not used to it.
    but seriously, you rock!

  2. Get used to it! I'll try to balance it out with some nasty comments on your blog or something though, k?

  3. crap, I'm Canadian and forgot what tres accente graf over the E meant. Thanks for the reminder (hangs head in shame) glad you had some good laughs to help with the crappy feelings