Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Being positive was harder than I thought

This is my 101st posting.  Tah-dah!

I was tempted to just leave it at that, but that's not really fair to you, my loyal readers, now is it?

So then I thought, how could I make this post special?  I could make it exactly 101 words long, or I could post 101 pictures, or I could make it really introductory

But I decided that in honour of 101 posts (most of which in some way bitch about shit that bugs me, or people that piss me off), I'm going to turn over a new leaf.  For one post.

So, here are 101 of my favourite things.  In no particular order (because that would be way too much work). 

  1)  The sound of Patches purring on my pillow.
  2)  Nurturing my love-hate relationship with The Young and the Restless.
  3)  The fact that my childhood baby sitter's husband was the one to introduce me to The Young and the Restless.
  4)  When Hubby adds "midget" to the grocery list. 
  5)  Jenny The Bloggess.
  6)  Rick's road trips
  7)  When, in an effort to soothe my headache, Hubby makes me a grilled cheese sandwich and he reads my mind and puts a bowl of pickles on the side even though I didn't even have to ask for them. 
  8)  Ellen
  9)  The fact that I'm so Hip it's Tragic
 10) Dairy Queen ice cream cakes.   
 11) Fireworks.
 12) Kiwis. 
 13) Listening to Hubby play You Belong To Me on the guitar. 
 14) My new-found love of books.
 15) Including Gone With the Wind.
 16) And Jane Eyre.
 17) And the Twilight Saga.
 18) And the fact that Pa-In-Law was the one to introduce me to the Twilight Saga. 
 19) The 1990s.   
 20) Russel Brand
 21) My parka cape
 22) The fact that Mom knew to buy me a parka cape. 
 23) Swimming - in a pool - when it's hot out. 
 24) The SUN.  Hot and glowing and soaking into my soul. 
 25) Andy Dancing.
 26) Sexy vampires.
 27) Sunlight streaming through the clouds in the morning. 
 28) Rainbows. (And here too.)
 29) The fact that the Honey Badger doesn't give a shit.
 30) Leo. (*Doctor Evil whisper*)
 31) Looking at my high school yearbooks. 
 32) Crying at cheesy movies. 
 33) Hubby massaging my neck. 
 34) Hot, strong, bold, caffeinated tea. 
 35) My Pledge pet hair eraser
 36) My wedding. 
 37) Paris. 
 38) And Nice. 
 39) The Beatles. 
 40) Peeing when I really have to go. 
 41) Sleeping in. 
 42) Going to bed early. 
 43) Hand lotion.
 44) Lip balm.
 45) Fresh local raspberries. 
 46) Saying the 'p' in rasPberries. 
 47) Windmills.  The new kind, and the old kind. 
 48) Walking in the wilderness.
 49) Boxing.
 50) Pointy high-heeled pumps in random colours.
 51) Sitting on my back deck in the summer. 
 52) A bath so hot that it burns my skin. 
 53) An hysterical contagious laughing fit with my Mom. 
 54) The fact that I take a moral (and slightly irrational) stand against over-hyped movies, such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar.
 55) Getting Hubby to slow dance with me in the kitchen - so rare but SO worth the effort. 
 56) Shooting stars. 
 57) Being reminded that this cannot possibly be all there is. 
 58) Pajamas.
 60) Chocolate for breakfast.
 61) Chocolate on rasPberries. 
 62) Hubby fixing everything around the house. 
 63) Email.
 64) Pretending to like gardening. 
 65) My dish heater
 66) My dish washer. 
 67) Wii.
 68) Having a good Yoga day. 
 69) Friends, the sitcom
 70) Friends, the real thing. 
 71) Learning something new about Hubby that I never knew before. 
 72) Coming to the realization that my mother had a life before me. 
 73) Tuxedo head-butting my face. 
 74) Candles.
 75) Toasted marshmallows. 
 76) Halloween.
 77) The smell of lilacs.
 78) The first time every summer when I can wear a tank top outside at night and not be cold. 
 79) Sunsets. 
 80) Blowing bubbles - soap and gum. 
 81) Ice-cold water when I'm really thirsty. 
 82) The fact that my head fits right into the crook between Hubby's shoulder and collarbone. 
 83) Songs that remind me of specific moments in time. 
 84) Talking about people who have died.  Remembering them.  Missing them.
 85) French fries.  With ketchup and vinegar.  Or with gravy and cheese curd.  
 86) Kraft friggin Dinner.  
 87) Having an adult conversation with smart young women / girls.  
 88) Seeing a live band. 
 89) Seeing a celebrity. 
 90) Goat cheese.  
 91) Hubby's 1988 shit box - ahem - white Chevy Cavalier with spray-painted white hubcaps and ghetto sub woofer. 
 92) Spearmint gum.
 93) Thin-crust crispy pizza. 
 94) Mangoes.
 95) Slippers that are so comfy they're gross. 
 96) Franglais (the effective and hilarious combination of English and French).
 97) The acoustic version of any song. 
 98) The fact that Hubby only needs to sing one line of a song for it to be stuck in my head for hours. 
 99) Making fun of strangers (sorry).
100) Stainless steel wine glasses.
101) Blogging, and the world wide interwebs. 


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