Monday, 14 March 2011

Pass the Oreos

Spur of the moment home improvements.  Love 'em. 

As an alternative to another Sunday jam-packed full of sitting, Hubby and I made a game-time decision to paint the master bedroom. 

It's one of those upgrades that we've wanted to do since we moved in - over two years ago. 

We've managed to paint nearly every other room in the entire house (sometimes more than once, including when the basement came out looking like an underground zombie dungeon). 

So we went out Saturday night to get the paint.  Painting began bright and early Sunday afternoon.

As much as I love doing home improvement projects with Hubby, I'm not sure we're cut out to work together.

It started with Hubby insisting that we nail and caulk all the crown moulding to eliminate the apparently very visible lines and cracks. 

This is me pretending to caulk the crown moulding.  Yes, those are my penguin pajama pants. 

This is Hubby actually caulking the crown moulding.  Notice the blue rubber gloves.  That's hot. 

It didn't end there though.

Hubby decided he needed to blow his nose.  So he made his way into my bathroom - blue rubber gloves included - and pulled some toilet paper off my roll.  

Me, shocked and appalled:  Ew!  No!  Now I'm going to put that on my hoo-hah!
Hubby, confused:  Put what on your hoo-hah?
Me, indignant:  That toilet paper you just touched with your gross rubber gloves!
Hubby, laughing:  They're a brand new pair.  
Me, insistent:  It doesn't matter!  I don't want that rubber on my hoo-hah.  
Hubby, with a clever grin:  It's just latex.  You've never had latex on there?
Me, defeated:  ...
Hubby, laughing:  That's the quote of the day.  

So, then we rearranged the furniture.

Patches lovin the upside-down box spring - aka, fat cat hammock.  And Tuxedo, contemplating the possibility of joining her.
Hubby, taking charge:  We have to move all the stuff into the middle of the room.
Me, apathetic:  Nah.
Hubby, insistent:  Yes!  We do.  I refuse to paint around stuff.
Me, dismissive:  Don't be silly.  It's fine where it is.
Hubby, losing patience:  No!
Me, with no patience whatsoever:  Fine.  Move it yourself then.
Me, later in the day, trying to paint the wall behind a dresser: This dresser is is my way.  We should move it.

But aside from these few little run-ins, we managed ok.

Oh, well, until the paint wouldn't dry quickly enough and a mutual hissy fit ensued. 

But we're happy with how the room turned out, despite ourselves.

Cream on three walls and dark brown on the other.  Like Oreos.  Yum.


  1. A. I love the new color scheme. Even though I'd never seen the old color scheme. Nice work.
    B. Did you know that you had cats secretly hiding under your bed, or was that a surprise when you moved furniture? Cats can be stealth-like that way. Which is one reason why I don't look under my bed.
    C. You look like you caulk like a pro. Hee hee.

  2. A - Thanks! Except it makes me hungry.

    B - Generally the big one doesn't care where she is as long as she can lie down. That's how she ended up on the upside-down box spring. I always know where the little one is because he just follows her around!

    C - lol! Ah, yes. I am a caulking expert. I learned from the best!

  3. Love your post... found you through The Blogess... love your style. Don't know many FREE blogs who can mention "caulk" and latex and hoo-ha in the very same post. Usually they charge a fee. Just sayin'. When you can, check out my shiny orange blog:, aka "tweens can blog the darndest things while mommy is drinking martinis". Stay cool, and scratch those two kitty bellies for me... I love fat cats too. Had three, now down to one. He hides under my bed, barely see him.

  4. Love that dark brown wall, but I'd probably spend a lot of time staring at it as I lay in bed thinking about chocolate, so really no different than usually anyway.

  5. @MyShinyMonkey,

    Thanks! I love how alone none of those three words are all that threatening, but together, they're a risky combo!

    I'll check it out for sure.

  6. Don't worry Laura - I spend most of my time thinking about chocolate too. It's actually a little sad that my obsession has made its way onto my bedroom wall.

  7. I have an accent wall in my family room that is brown.... it's kind of a blend between mocha and chocolate brown. I never used to look at this wall and think of chocolate, that is until I read some of the comments to the post. Thanks? :)

  8. Maybe try thinking about poop instead?