Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ellen Degeneres, Bryan Adams, and a love triangle

When I was a kid, Bryan Adams was the god of the radio waves. 

He was everywhere.  And, even better, he was Canadian.  (Still is, I guess.)  And we were so damn proud of our little Bry-Bry.  He was topping the international charts and we were up here, cheering him on. 

I think my school even ran a campaign for the greatest Canadian of all time.  One of the teams picked Bryan.  I can't remember if he won.  I think the other candidates were Donovan Bailey (fastest man on earth), Wayne Gretski (The Great One), Terry Fox (athlete and hero), and Mike Myers (party time, excellent). 

Other notable Canadians, for your interest: Shania Twain; Celine Dion, Neil Young, Jim Carrey, Pam Anderson, and Avril Lavigne (who, btw, is pretty much from my hometown - not that I'm proud of that or anything, because that would be really sad).

ANYWAY, in the 90s, Bryan Adams was the shit.  Like, in a good way. 

Cuts Like a KNIFE! 

T'was the Summer of siiiiixxty niiine. 

Can't. Stop. This. Thing. We. Staaaaar-ted. 

Pleeeeeaaaase ForGIVE Me.   

And of course,  Everything I Dooo (hmm hmm) I Doooo It Foooor Yoooooouuu (hmm hmm). 

That was my favourite.  I wasn't even allowed to watch whatever sexy movie it won the grammy for, but I still loved it.  

I loved it for years, but I loved it the most when it was written out for me lyric-by-lyric, on a repeatedly folded sheet of paper, and dropped on my desk by my seventh grade boyfriend.

Yes, the same boyfriend who made up the third part the love triangle between him, me, and Hubby when we were 10 years old... the boyfriend who I finally went out with in grade seven after my desperate love for Hubby went unrequited through all of grade six.

And then, it all went downhill.  We grew apart.  I got sick of him and he sorta fell off the face of earth.  And he just wasn't cool anymore.  Yes, sadly, I lost my love for Bryan Adams.  A shame, but still true. 

I went through the following several years with very little respect for Mr. Adams.  I had a soft spot, sure, but I just wasn't riding the Brian Adams train anymore. 

Until today. 

Bryan was just awarded one of those road star thingies.  Cool, right?  And I saw him perform on Ellen, and I have finally, after all these years, reconnected with my love and respect for this artist, who, as it turns out, is actually really good.

Don't judge me.  See for yourself...


Bryan, if you're reading this, Hubby would like you to know that he has always had tremendous respect for you.  The fact that my seventh grade boyfriend wrote out the lyrics of your song is the only reason he didn't kick his ass into pulp.
Also, he really admires your guitar.  Like really.  He thinks you must be so rich and famous that you have a lot of guitars.  And you're so charitable and generous that maybe you sometimes donate them to aspiring rock stars.  That would be so cool of you. 



  1. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (i.e. sexy movie containing Everything I Do, I do it for you) was my introduction to the goodness that is Bryan Adams. I was SMITTEN. And apparently he still rocks! Awesome.

  2. Ah, yes, Robin Hood. I should watch that now that I'm the boss of me.

  3. How OLD is he? He's been an adult for-like-ever... I just checked. He's 51. Huh. 50 used to seem SO old to me... until I turned 30. No I'm all 50 isn't so bad! *weeping*

  4. He said on Ellen that he's just about to have his first child. 51 year old dad. Sweet. His baby-mama is apparently his personal assistant!

  5. Duuuuudddee. That is OLD to be having a baby.