Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's hard to admit

I don't really get St Patrick's Day.  It's beyond my realm of understanding.  So, I'm not going to blog about it.  (Besides, I think there was plenty of green in that last post - in the form of my 1986 bedroom carpet. Puke.) 

Instead, I've been thinking about Easter.  It's falls so late this year, which is a bummer since a late Eatser unnecessarily delays the arrival of Spring.  Easter always brings Spring sunshine, and Spring tulips, and Spring chickens bunnies

And you know what else it brings?

CHOCOLATE.  Ewy gewy, rich and chewy, milky, nutty, creamy, sugared, flavoured, coloured, yummy CHOCOLATE. 

And particularly with all the recent chatter about my mind-tempting bedroom wall, I just can't get chocolate off the brain.

Not that I want to.   

There's something about chocolate that is so fantastical.  It serves so many purposes. 

It can be fun, when encircling a little build-it-yourself toy.  It can be erotic, when dipped in strawberries and releasing all kinds of hottie tottie hormones.  It can be soothing when you're sad and it can even be a friend to talk to when you're lonely. (?)

However.  (Yes, there is a however.  Shocking, I know.) 

However... I have to agree with my blogger friend Elle that chocolate Easter bunnies are, in a word, ca-reep-y

Wow.  That hurts to say out loud.  I don't think you understand how painful that is to admit. 

Bunnies and chocolate should be a marvelous combination - one of the rare instances in which cute and delicious blend together to form one of the most pleasurable things known to humanity.  

But, sadly, Elle, I think you have a point.  You reminded me of a photo I took last year at Easter dinner with Hubby's family. 

It was a gorgeous weekend - I think about 20 degrees Celsius.  Which, for early April, is like a miraculous gift that you never EVER question for fear of getting evicited from rainbow land or falling off your unicorn. 

And yet, all these beautiful things - warmth, and chocolate, and bunnies - spelled disaster when combined.  Tragedy struck

And as much as I hate to admit that chocolate isn't perfect - that in the wrong mould with the wrong candy eyeballs, it can be quite disturbing, I have to come to terms with this:  


Yes, that is what you think it is.  Formerly two adorable kissing chocolate Easter bunnies reduced to the definitively saddest puddle of creepy I have ever friggin seen.

Shameful, but true.   



  1. OMG, that is the stuff nightmares are made from! I am so sorry for you.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Nightmares yes - about the creepy rabbits AND the 1986 green carpet.

  3. They ARE yummy. But I don't like that they are hollow. That... makes me sad.
    So I eat their heads off first so they don't feel all hollow and pained anymore.
    It's like I do them a favor.

  4. Wouldn't they feel even MORE hollow without a head? Like, exposed or something?
    Or is it that their brains are housed in their hollow heads, so when you bite the head off, the sense of hollowness goes with it?

  5. Well, instead of 2 chocolate bunnies, you have 1 chocolate mud-goblin? It's like the bunnies de-evolved. But it's still chocolate, right? There has to be some redemption in that.

  6. Oh my. I am still experiencing random bursts of laughter. Mud-goblin.

  7. I find the saddest part about them is that they are usually really crappy, waxy chocolate.

    And I'm even vegetarian!

    I'd rather eat a Caramilk Egg any day. ;-)

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

  8. Yeah, it's not what I would call "quality" chocolate. But for me, it doesn't usually matter. Quantity over quality.

  9. I cannot argue that.

    A girl after my own heart.