Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow

Voted topic number two: rainbows.  How cheerful.

Rainbows are one of the greatest wonders of the world.  Ok, maybe not the world in general, but at least they’re one of the greatest wonders of my world.  I even like them when they simply appear in the sprinkler steam when I’m watering the garden.  Hypnotic.  

They're sort of majestic, aren't they?  I love that somewhere over the rainbow, a magic world exists in which talking animals, emerald cities, and singing munchkins are the main attraction.  And I especially like that pots-o-gold are expected to be found at the end – despite the fact that I’m terrified of evil thieving leprechauns.  Except those leprechauns that distribute sugary cereal.  Those ones are ok – they’re more like munchkins anyway.

Rainbows are not only wonderful (in the truest sense of the word); they’re also gorgeous.  It’s so stunning to look up - usually to a hazy half-blue, half-grey sky – and see a set of faintly coloured stripes misting across the universe.  Spectacular.

I remember grade five when we were learning how rainbows come to be.  I obviously don’t remember the mechanics.  But I do remember Roy G. Biv.  Roy G Biv is the guy who can always remind you what order the colours go in… Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet.

I also remember when crayons were the utensil of choice.  I used to use crayons to colour a rainbow in a gorgeous blend of primary and secondary shades and then cover my drawing from edge to edge with thick black crayon wax.  Then I would scratch designs in the black coating, revealing patches of the lovely streams of colour below.  It’s a good representation for our world, actually: sometimes I think we’ve buried all the beauty with black wax, and we have to strategically scratch the surface to unveil it.

Rainbows remind me that some things aren't so obvious.  Sometimes things aren't what they seem.  Sometimes beauty arises when you don't expect it.  But then again, sometimes it's a mirage.  And sometimes there's an evil leprechaun or wicked witch waiting for you on the other side. 

My pa-in-law at the camp site in his late father-in-law's super cool retro camper van...  Ahhh... this is the life...

The most amazing rainbow ever (yes, better than the double rainbow). 

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