Monday, 28 February 2011

Post-Oscar Blogging - yes, I gave up

So I was live-blogging.  Spitting out little comments as the show progressed.  But I also promised myself (and Hubby) that we would not glue ourselves to the tv all night. 

Once we went up to bed we watched for a while longer. 

The highlight?  Billy Crystal.  Me, along with apparently the rest of the world, was wishing Mr. Crystal would stick around to host the rest of the show.  And what's with trying to reach a "younger demographic"?  I still consider myself a younger demographic, and I love Billy.  Maybe that's the indication that I'm no longer "younger".  Damn it. 

Gweneth Paltro has a decent voice I guess.  She was ok at the Grammys.  But not last night.  She looked like she was trying way too hard.  But I guess one would try hard, if one were a famous actress in front of all one's A-list actor colleagues SINGING a cheesy country song.  Maybe her husband, the Coldplay guy, should stick to the live performances.

Yay for Nathalie Portman!  I could have done without Black Swan, but I like her, and she was good in it. 

So glad Collin Firth won best actor and The King's Speech won best picture.  It really was so good.  One of the purest classic 'motion pictures' I've ever seen.  Gone are the days in which a simple movie, driven by its story and the actors' exceptional performances, makes a lot of money.  Imagine how rich they'd be if the King was also a vampire or a 3D blue alien creature.  Cha-ching