Sunday, 1 August 2010

Island Living, part deux

Hubby and I returned to The Island yesterday.

It was a perfect trip.  Nothing beats a lovely summer day on The Island, with the most friendly and fun group of people one could ever spend a day with. 

(And the company had increased in volume since last weekend - from a few adults and 2 children, to a few adults and 15 children - no, I'm not exaggerating.  It was basically a make-shift summer camp.)

As you know, there are so many glamourus sides of island life. 

I mentioned the waving (the fact that islanders and those like them will always wave).  Hubby and I tested our theory on two unsuspecting wanderers on the side of the highway. 

We were shocked and disturbed when our experiment failed.  But we were relieved when we realized a few metres down the road that these two particular guinea pigs were just bikers who had wandered away from their motorcycles.  They weren't islanders!  They were just passing through.  

Once at The Island, we observed the most spectacular island view.  We saw the most amazing rainbow.  It was, and I'm not lyling, wrapped entirely around the sun in a perfect circle:

The Island is also the perfect place for games.  Hubby built one for our island friends:  Giant Jenga.  I think it was a hit. 

It's true, though, that the not-so-glamourus sides of island life, eventually, tend to make themselves known.

At one point, for example, Hubby was marching back and forth from the main house to the lakeside filling buckets, trying to flush the toilet.  Island life 101: "it just needs a few minutes to settle". 

Dinner was also very island-style.  The oven was broken and so the pork roast was cooked on the bbq.  So delicious.  Head Master Mike insisted that the 15 camp kids wait until at least everyone was served before mowing down.  In the end, with 20 people at the table, it was more feasible for the kids to simply wait until all their co-campers were seated - a more realistic expectation for island dinners, I think.

Ultimately, though, there was one particular island-life event that really stood out.  Island living, as it turned out, had really rubbed off on Hubby. 

Check out the next entry for the full story...

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