Monday, 28 March 2011

I should learn to trust my instincts

Let me start off by saying that I do not ever watch - nor do I condone ever watching - Dancing With The Stars. 

This is one of the most repulsive, pathetic, embarrassing, tremendously upsetting shows of. all. time. 

However, I did somehow end up watching 10 minutes of it tonight. 

It was an accident.  I swear.  I got bored flipping channels and I'd already watched all my pre-recorded shows (Ellen, Big Bang). 

So I got stuck watching what I thought would be at least tolerable, if not mildly entertaining (in a I-have-low-expectations kind of way).   

Well, it started out badly, to say the least. 

The first guy should so NOT have been dancing (if you can even call it dancing).  Not only was he flailing and stomping around the stage like a drunk giraffe, but he was doing it with a hooker-looking girl wearing a black bra and red ruffly underwear with big hair and more red lipstick than should ever be concentrated in one place. 

*Uhhhg*  Gross. 
And then it got worse. 

Some cute young guy (dancing with yet another little blond thing) said he didn't know how to be "charming".  

No, I don't know his name. 
Romanticism, he said, was out of his realm of understanding because, quote: he was "born in the 90s, man."   

Born in the 90s?!  What the eff. 

It was at about this moment that I covered my face and lowered my head, wishing that I had known better than to watch this show in the first place.  Seriously. 

Hubby:  "That hits you hard, eh?"
Me:  "F-ck."
Hubby:  "When somebody you think might be around your age says they were born in the 90s, that sucks."
Me:  "Oh my god..."
Hubby:  "That means he has to be at least 6 years younger than us."
Me:  "He could have been born in 1999.  He could be 12 years old."

And that is why you should never succumb to your laziness and end up watching Dancing With The Stars. 

Apparently, Hubby's alternative television programme is a much better choice. 

The Jersey Shore. 


Not kidding. 

Someone save me. 



  1. I apologize for having nothing clever to say, but I enjoyed this.

  2. Don't apologize! Glad you got some joy out of my misery! haha ;)

  3. I don't watch DWTS or Jersey Shore. I miss shows like Friends and Roseanne and the Golden Girls.
    Those were some tv shows!

  4. Friends is my favourite show of ALL TIME. I can quote it for you line by line if you'd like.

    I've also taken to watching Roseanne on Sundays on the flash-back channel.

    The Golden Girls were the chosen family show at my grandparents' house every night. (Right after my Grampa watched Judge Wopner.)

    So? I TOTALLY hear you.

  5. DWTS so jumped the shark after season 3.

    And yeah, it is devastating to see an adult looking person only to find out they were born in the 90's. I remember being 20 and thinking that people in their early 30's are sooooo OLD. I am now 33. *sob (Does it make you feel better to know that I am older than you?)

  6. OMG. I hate when this happens to me. American Idol is very similar. I feel so OLD when I watch those shows...and I am only 28!

  7. And didn't American Idol lower its minimum age this year, too?! Idiots.

  8. I can't look away from the girl with the bowling balls on her chest and the Minnie Mouse headband.

    p.s. I totally think her boobs are real. And if not, her plastic surgeon did an excellent job...she said with sarcasm. ;)

  9. Snap out of it! Look away from the boobies!

    PS- Or, if not, her photo-shopper earned his pay that day.

  10. I have no idea who watches that show. But someone must or it wouldn't still be on. Nobody I know watches it...unless they're all lying. Do you think that's it? That everyone's lying to me?

  11. Maybe. I think if anyone you know *is* watching it, they *ought* to lie about it. Shameful.