Sunday, 20 March 2011

My intelligence is *limitless*

Hubby and I went to a movie with friends on Friday night.  There were a couple of film-viewing options. 

Option one: Limitless

I'd never heard of this movie, so, obviously, I had no interest in seeing it. 

It stars that guy who was in that movie with Scarlett Johansson.  You know the one.  He and Scarlett meet in a grocery store and have an affair.  I don't know the name of it, but he was really sexy.  Despite the fact that he was a cheating asshole.

Anyway, Limitless stars him - Sexy Guy.  Except with longer, curlier hair.  His character gets addicted to a drug that makes him exceptionally smart. 

I would have rather watched our second option: The Adjustment Bureau, with Matt Damon.  Because Matt Damon trumps everyone.  Except maybe Leo.  

So naturally, us girls wanted to see the Matt Damon flick.  But the boys wanted to see Sexy Guy (my name, not theirs) get all hopped up on the smart drug. 


Suckers!  We win!  Matt Damon, here we come. 

But then my gal-friend totally stabbed me in the back.  Somehow she talked me into being a good person (wtf?) so I bought tickets for the smart drug movie.  Just to surprise them, she said.  What a traitor!  At least Sexy Guy was in it... 

I guess it wasn't bad, but I gave up when Sexy Guy drank another drug addict's blood to get his fix.  Gross.  

In the end, I wish we'd seen that one with Jake Gyllenhaal instead.

"I think it's called Unstoppable" I said.
"Really? Isn't Unstoppable just like Speed... except on a train?"
"No, no. It's not the train that's unstoppable, it's fate that's unstoppable.  Jake repeatedly travels back in time to the same train accident to save his girlfriend."
"Oh, that sounds better.  Like Groundhog Day on a train."

But it turns out I was totally wrong.  As usual.

I guess I don't actually know the title of the Jake Gyllenhaal movie.  Someone told me I was confusing it with a Denzel Washington flick with the same premise - time travel to solve a train bombing. Unstoppable, I was told, is exactly like Speed.

But THEN I noticed that Unstoppable is listed on my Rogers Cable, and it stars Denzel.  Without Jake Gyllenhaal.

So NOW I'm really effing confused and you can't trust me with any basic movie knowledge whatsoever.


Turns out that the interwebs are pretty good at answering random questions. 

I just found this picture.  Sexy Guy is Bradley Cooper and he was in He's Just Not That Into You with Scarlett Johansson. 

And Source Code, with Jake Gyllenhaal, is, in fact, Groundhog Day on a train.

Unstoppable is with Denzel - and yes, it is basically Speed on a train.

There is another Denzel movie called Déja Vu, in which he time travels to find the bomber of a ferry - not a train. 

Hopefully you can follow this mess.  I think I'm still lost. 



  1. I've never heard of Source Code before this, but it sounds interesting. I think.
    And Matt Damon? YUM

  2. Yes, Matt Damon is delicious - even when not on a train.

  3. It's my first time visiting here and I'm glad I did. Although your movie knowledge is a little sketchy, your google skills are amazing!

  4. Thanks! Yes, Google saves my life on a daily basis.

  5. I am SO glad we agree on Matt Damon. I always tell people he's my future husband--he just doesn't know it yet. It doesn't matter that he's like...16ish years older than me. He's yummy. Haha!

  6. He's 14 years older than me. I don't care! I love him. Him and Leo. And Johnny. Wait... only 14 years until I'm 40?! WTF?