Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Praise me please!

If you've ever spent a lot of time treating yourself like shit, you know how difficult it is to JUST QUIT IT ALREADY. 

So.  Counting the things to be proud of in my day is my new approach to being less crazy. 

Here goes.

The good news: I got up at a reasonable hour today. And I got my ass washed and dressed in time to - wait for it - TAKE THE BUS TO WORK.  You see, the bus takes longer (usually), so lately, driving to work has become a more convenient let-me-sleep-30-minutes-more-for-the-love-of-all-that-is-good-in-this-shithole-please-just-30-minutes-more way of life.  But I have to get back to the bus routine.  Maybe you haven't noticed, but gas is kinda pricey.  And today I did it!  And I arrived relatively early.  Good for me. 

But the bad news?  "Relatively early" still means 15 - okay 20 - minutes late.  So SUE me.

Good news:  I did some work today.  Real work.  And I wasn't in an asshole mood about it either. 

Bad news: I'm still putting off some stuff.  Procrastinator extraordinaire.  Some things never change.

Good news:  I am very nearly done my first book since this whole shit-show began.  It's taken me a long while, but I am three mere chapters from completion.  Concentration is an issue, so getting back to reading is a huge accomplishment.  Believe it.

Bad news:  I read blogs more than I read books.  Actually, that's not bad news, is it?

Good news:  I've been eating better this week.  Lots of veggies and less crap. 

Bad news: "Less crap" excludes pizza and Oreos. 

And here comes the big one.  Drumroll please....

Good news:  I WENT TO THE GYM.  Yes.  Yes I did.  Thanks to my dear friend V's encouragement and company, I managed to handle an hour of high-impact cardio kickboxing.  Without dying.  AND WHILE WEARING MY NEW FUCHSIA X-TRAINERS.  Uh huh.  You heard me. 

Bad news? I won't be able to move tomorrow.  Somebody get me a fucking wheelchair.



  1. I really need to get to the gym... I read all these blogs of bitches that are working out.. and I'm super happy and proud of them... and all the while I'm scarfing down ice cream.

    I'm glad you're making some positive steps... and a little bad stuff is ok too.. I think part of it is realizing that those few bad things aren't the end of the world.


  2. bahahaha at least you cannot move because you kicked your muscles arse!!! woot woot!!! WTG!!!!

    I think you did amazing today. (and not just because you demanded praise on twitter)

    Keep up the momentum :D

  3. YAY you! No wheelchair though. You need a blingin, bedazzled motorized scooter! OH YEAH.

  4. Look at you, gettin' shit done. Yay you! There's always a plus and minus to things but at least you're getting back out there :)

  5. good deal for you, getting up earlier & getting work done & reading & working out! that's a whole list of accomplishments. you go with your bad self!

  6. I think the best (for you) news here is the fact you wore those fuschia X-trainers... cause I think it would have only been fair that you give them to me since you weren't using them. Just sayin'.

    Seriously proud of you though.

  7. You went to the gym AND wore your awesome fuschia shoes?! YOU ROCK!

  8. I can see why you would demand praise for these wonderful accomplishments! And I'll not only praise you for the good stuff, but I'll throw in praise for the Oreos too.

    Were they Double Stuff Oreos? No...don't tell me. Ok, go ahead and tell me.

  9. The gratitude is mutual - thanks for helping me get my a** to the gym!

  10. I love you gals. Each of of these lovely comments made me smile from ear to ear.

    I forgot to tell you the other bad news... When V drove me home from the gym we pulled up to my house and that's when I realized that I forgot my car at the mall "park and ride". That's what I get for taking the bus for the first time in months.

    I'm AWESOME.

  11. Yay you! I love @SarcasmInAction's idea. If you got the scooter you could kick back and put your feet up so you could show off your mofo awesome fuschia shoes even more. You need to make sure and put up your best "come at me bitch" hands too.

  12. Hahahahaha! My "come at me bitch... just TRY it" hands. Ahahahahaha!

  13. Congrats! Actually, my husband started keeping a running tally in a little note book of things that I do right because I can't even get my butt in gear enough to make up a list like you have. So, three cheers for you! You've gone several great steps in the right direction!

  14. That's so nice of your hubby. Thanks :)