Thursday, 18 August 2011

My first Wordless Wednesday... on Thursday


My coffee-ground moo-stachio.

My splinter wound. It's worse than it looks. Trust me.

How many sunglasses can YOU wear at one time?


  1. Bwahaha...your moo-stachio picture just made my day like 80x better!

    Who thought a lady could look so gorgeous with old man eyebrows, a nose as big as the state of Texas & coffe grounds on her upper lip? haha, that's some funny stuff.

  2. Lin - 80x?! That's great! I like that photo too.

  3. Well done. :)

    How is your hand???

  4. hahahahahahaha.. I thought I was the only one who put on multiple pairs of sunglasses and attempted to take pictures of myself looking totally retarded.

    not that you look retarded.

  5. lol I totally LOL'd at the first photo. The last one was very Men In Black-ish. Alienesk. nice :D

  6. Elle P - My hand is much better thanks. I'm getting it cut out on Monday, but the infection has gone way down. Still sore though.

    chemgirl - No! Of course I don't!

    LACE - Ah, yes, alienesk for sure. Ha!

  7. How did I miss this? I love these gorgeous pics of you! Except the one of your poor hand...that one doesn't make me happy.

  8. jacqui - Glad you like my moo-stachio