Monday, 1 August 2011

Who's on first?

A conversation Hubby and I just had:

Me:  What's Beyonce's last name? Beyonce Knowles-Z?

Hubby: Umm...

Me: Does Jay-Z even have a real name?

Hubby: Does he have a real name? Yeah.

Me: Yeah, like, I know he must, but what is it?

Hubby: I think it's Sean Diddy Combs.

Me: Yeah!  Like that!

Hubby: Are you even listening to me? Did you hear what I said?

Me:  Yes, honey, I heard you. 

Hubby: I don't think you did.  Sean.  Diddy Combs.  Sean Diddy Combs.

Me: Yes, honey.  Like that. 

Hubby:  You're not listening to me.  That's P Diddy.  Puff Daddy.  Not Jay-Z. 

Me:  I know honey.  I meant that his name is like that.  Like Sean Diddy Combs. 

Hubby:  I know what you meant but you weren't listening to me.

Me: Frig! YES I WAS. I WAS SAYING HIS NAME WAS LIKE THAT.  NOT THAT EXACTLY, BUT LIKE IT.  Like a real name as well as his nickname.  I know it, I just can't remember what it is. 

Hubby: Ok, but that's not his name!

Me:  OH MY GOD.  AHHHRG!  You are SO exasperating!

Hubby: You're exhausting.

The End

Oh wait.  I just tried to tell him about this post and he wasn't particularly happy about it.

Hubby: I don't need to relive this.

Me: Oh, really?!

Hubby: Yeah.  I was quite upset.

Huh.  Soooo... not funny yet, eh? 



  1. So, after all of this exasperation and exhaustion...did you find out what Jay-Z's real name is? I know I've heard it before. Now I'm gonna have to google it.

  2. So, I'm a nerd and HAD to google search this b/c I couldn't go on not knowing what his real name is... According to wikipedia, it's Shawn Corey Carter.

  3. hahahahah...well I thought it was funny :) I don't know his real name either, mostly because I don't care though and I am lazy :)

  4. Lol! This is so funny! It sounds like conversations my hubby and I have. He bugged me thoughout the Oscars and he kept on insisting that Natalie Portman was Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.

  5. All this talk is making my head swirl. So does this mean that Jay-Z and P-Diddy are some sort of long lost brothers or something? I need to take better notes.

  6. jacqui - no, I never did. But Suze did it for me.

    Suze - thanks!

    Donna - I apparently didn't care enough either!

    Elle - Was he just trying to bug you? That sounds like he was just trying to bug you...

    Ang - Me too. For sure it means that. Duh.

  7. Oh my lord. This sounds an awful lot like conversations I have with my mom about actors, except she can NEVER remember ANYONE'S name. Usually it starts out with "Who was that guy? You know, the one that played 'X' in 'Y'?". And I start throwing out random names, and she's all "no, that's not who I'm thinking of", and then she names a few more movies, so I name a few more actors, and we repeat the "no, that's not him (insert more random movies here)" conversation. By the end, usually a good half an hour later, I figure out she's naming movies the guy she's thinking of wasn't even IN, because she got him confused with someone else, which gets me confused, and finally I have to tell her I don't know who the hell she's talking about and she'll have to resort to Google because I quit. And then she gets irritated because I can't read her mind. Parents.... *sigh*

  8. hahahahaha.. happens to hubby and I all the time... just the other day he was asking me a question while I was on my mobile and I didn't understand him.. all I kept hearing is CHU CHU.. how is your CHU?! I was yelling at him that I didn't understand him and he just kept repeating himself.. CHU CHU CHU!!!!

    I wanted to murder him... I tried to explain that there is no sense repeating what it is that I can't understand if I can't understand him..

    ugh.. men.

  9. My husband does that same shit to me, and really the truth is that he doesn't listen to me most of the time, but tries to turn it around on me.

    God, husbands are so dumb sometimes. Like when he gets home before me and calls me at work to ask me what's for dinner. WTF, you're HOME, mothereffer, you figure it out.

    Anywho, growing old together sounds better all the time, huh???

  10. Mel - Ha! Oh I know! Hubby and I have to conversations too. Except, sadly, I think I'm the one who mixes up names and actors and movies. You should read my "My Intelligence Is Limitless" post from a few months ago.

    Jaime - Sooooo?! What did CHU CHU mean?! It's driving me crazy! "I wanted to murder him" - Hubby and I were both laughing at that one.

    Flannery - Hubby says "us women" are just picky about dinner choices. Idiot! Sorry...

  11. apparently CHU stood for tooth.. cuz I had complained that my tooth was hurting earlier. He was basically just repeating himself over and over making it sound like some strange ewok language..

    Of course when I told him that, he got mad at me and called me an asshole.

    I laughed like a hyena.

  12. Jaime - Tooth?! hahaha! Hubby and I call each other asshole all the time! It almost always makes the "asshole" laugh and the name-caller even more pissed. lol

  13. Wow, I'm impressed. You had a conversation with your hubs that didn't involve dinner or kids. I'm jealous.

  14. True! Although we don't have kids. Cats count in my opinion. And we talk about them a lot.