Sunday, 3 July 2011

Shitionary. Topped with cheese. UPDATED

Updated below...

I've had a goddam cold since Tuesday.  It started with a sore throat and then sniffles and then sneezing and then fever and now a nastyass cough with all sorts of yellowy green shit discharging from my lungs.  (Special thanks to my *wonderful* Quasi-Step-Dad who had this cold last weekend and must've given it to me.  How kind of him.)

Despite my illness, Canada Day was good.  I'll tell you about it later. 

More importantly, as part of the celebratory holiday weekend (on both sides of this glorious border!), we have officially launched our Cheesy Blogger Movement!

Thanks to the help of my friends SarcasmInAction at Musings of a Sarcastic Mind and Angela at Begging The Answer, the three of us have launched a new blogger community to share and link and laugh. 

Click on this.
It's the hottest thing, y'all.  Be there or be square. 

There are games, and jokes, and lots of opportunities to guest post.  It's all about spreading cheese.  And if you follow our site, not only will you be part of the coolest club in town, but we'll pimp you out to other bloggers.  Seriously.  What are you waiting for?  Go check it out.  Like, now. 

And when you get back, play Shitionary!  Because it's fun.

You guys were awfully quiet this time, but against all odds, someone did actually win.  In fact, she was DEAD-ON. 

Now.  Here's my problem.  I don't want you all thinking I cheated after the whole Shitionary Gate scandal, or just because the winner happens to be a fellow Cheesy Blogger founder, because I TOTALLY DIDN'T CHEAT. 

Congratulations Miss Sarcasm!  You finally won!  (I knew you'd eventually make a real guess if you actually had a clue.)  For you, my dear:




  2. I'm stumped again. The big cheese on campus? Wisconsin or Swissconsin? But there's a Canadian flag.

    I see what might be water so could it be 'a production of Titanic with a last minute change because the iceberg has a cold so instead the iceberg will be played by a big piece of cheese'?

  3. Uhhh... no. Sorry! ;) I like the idea that the iceburg is played by a piece of cheese though.

  4. i guessed... where's my guess??
    Yesterday I guesseD COTTAGE CHEESE!!!

  5. Seriously? If this is something really easy and I'm just way over thinking it, I'm gonna be really mad at myself. And you. Here are some really bad guesses...if I think of more, I'll be back...

    1. Canadian cheese
    2. The Canadian Cheese Triangle
    3. Cheesy picture
    4. Let's give Jacqui a migraine

  6. I asked the family for help. Nephew first guessed "gonorrhea." Husband said, "Tsunami of cheese." Then nephew said, "Canadians are so freaking cheesy," but that doesn't take the sailboat into account. Sail away with Canadian cheese?

  7. You are all loyal Shitionary contestants. But Sarcasm finally got this one. LEGIT.