Monday, 25 July 2011

Twitter Movie Night!

I always wished I could have been an actress.

I was a very melodramatic child.  I threw the BEST temper tantrums and loved to watch myself laugh/cry/dance in the mirror.  My friends and I used to perform shows in the basement and the yard.   And I was an only child, which meant I spent a lot of time talking to myself and making up characters.  There was Aunt Jemma, and Huckleberry, and I think Mister Whiskers.

As I got older I was in a few plays, and I was a huge fan of pretending I was in a soap opera - yelling through tears, or talking away from a person toward the "camera", or holding a necklace and squeezing the chain wrapped around my fingers and waving my fist in the air. 

I think I'm a performer at heart.  Probably.

Sadly, however, I never fully explored my true calling, so all I have is tv and movies and the occasional play to feed my need for drama.  I love letting a show make me cry, laugh, sing, and pull on my heart strings.  And I HATE it when Hubby starts yapping is big mouth before the credits roll - I need to follow it through to the VERY end. 

What's my point?

I love movies!  Best of all, I love watching them with others so we can laugh/cry/sing together.

So I've decided to host a live twitter movie night.  And the date is set. 

Sunday, July 31 at 7:00 Eastern! 

We just need to decide on a movie!  So I've provided a few options


Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets (#2)

Source Code

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

So vote!  Over there -->

And then join us on Sunday with the #movienight hashtag and watch! I'll announce the movie choice Thursday.



  1. I forgot we talked about doing this! I'm in. I'll have to decide on my vote now...
    PS, I've been called a "born actress" by my family my whole life. So that's another thing we have in common.
    Also, I STILL have a huge imagination, sometimes with imaginary friends. IN COMMON again.
    Last, I'm a movie freak. Not theaters cuz the general public is rude as hell. Rentals. At home in my jammies with booze.
    Oh, that's right. Canada.

  2. I was a thespian in high school. My greatest credit was playing the Grim Reaper. A role in which I was completely silent. But I had *presence*! PLus, I got to carry a scythe to school, so yeah, don't freakin mess with me.

    If I could ensure my attendance in this venture, I'd go HP. You know because me = nerd.

  3. I love this idea! Count me in ;)

  4. woot sounds like fun! I think we r twins.

  5. Sarcasm - Yes, sorry, I've been in Canada. It's like an alternate universe up here. Maybe we *are* eachother, just in a parallel world.

    Rachel - You had 'presence'! No doubt. Ha!

    Lin - Yay!

    LACE - I think so too. :)

  6. I came back to see how the voting was going...because I don't want everyone to accidentally vote for the wrong movie...and realized I had never left a comment.

    So, here's my comment: I know that deep down all of you know which movie is the right one. Please vote for that one and not the other ones. Thank you.

  7. Oh Gawd I know I'm going to forget. I'm all for staying home and watching movies. I can get up and do whatever I want while I pause it. Greatest invention ever.

  8. jacqui - I wondered if you were getting comment lazy. And thanks for the PSA.

    Lizbeth - Don't forget! It's gonna be so much fun! Pause is the. best. invention. ever.

  9. Fun idea, I will have to join a little late perhaps and come in when the monkeys are sleeping. Will you be sending me my movie by courier pigeon?

  10. You posted this in the pickle shit category. I that.

  11. Theresa - Sure, join us whenever you can. The kiddies might like the movie too? And I was actually planing on sending it via Genie *blink*

    mamamash - It's my favourite category! :)