Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Canada is my hero

I'm sure everyone who reads this is still recovering from too many beers, overwhelming firework displays, and several portions of poutine and/or potato salad.  Good luck with that. 

If you STILL don't know what poutine is, Google it.  Shame on you.

I love my country.  Here are my top three favourite things about it.  

1) Nature.  

Canadians love nature.  We go to cottages at every opportunity and tie our beers to a string and hang them in the lake to keep them cold.  We ski and snowboard and carry beers in our pockets for those long rides up the chair lift.  We have mountains, and prairies, and oceans, and polar ice caps - and we have beer that comes from all those places.  Nature is a defining feature of this country.  All this space and so few people filling it up.  Gorgeous.

This kinda looks like nature, but really it's my neighbour's backyard.  Just pretend.

2)   Socialism.

I know that's a bad word.  How about Communism?  Better?  No?  Ok, well, sorry, but whatever you think about those words is probably inaccurate.  Canada is not defined as either, but I wish it were.  We have social programs that are meant to HELP people.  They're not perfect.  Lineups in emergency rooms are damn long.  And those friggin baby boomers are stealing all my pension money.  But it's a start.  It's something.  And I just can't be mad about 13% (or 15%) sales tax.

Second cutest couple on Parliament Hill on Friday. (Thanks LB!)

No way to get close enough for a good picture. 
They were so adorable though! You'll have to take my word for it.

3) Culture.  And People. 

We're very diverse.  And despite our current Conservative Government (curses!), we're tolerant of people.  Generally.  We like immigrants. And we have a lot of them.  Gay marriage is allowed.  We have TWO official languages, et j'étudie français!  We have Newfies, and Quebecers, and West Coasters, and Northerners, and Cowboys.  We have a rich Aboriginal background, with so much to learn from our First Peoples.  And yet we all have one precious thing in common - the love of our country and wanting the best for it. 

That guy is my Uncle.  No, not really.  I've never seen him before in my life. 

Canadian streets aren't normally blocked off for observers.
The craziness downtown was something of a shit-show for sure.
But totally worth it.  


  1. It looks like the second cutest couple had a great Canada day! I hope William and Kate could hear you telling them I said "hi" from where you were. You yelled it really loud, right?

    I really loved reading this...your love for your country definitely comes through. Almost like that glowing heart from some song about Canada.

    Great job, you!

  2. Canada is on my list of places I want to visit. I think we'd be compatible.

  3. Yeah, Canada! I try to be positive - I know we have a lot to be thankful for. Ignore all my bitching and complaining. lol

  4. Yup, you've pretty much summed it all up here!!!!!!! Super excited to have you as my fellow Canadian blogger friend!

  5. jacqui - Don't worry. I had a megaphone.

    Kim - Canada is totally worth a visit! You can come see me anytime!

    Lady Estrogen - My positivity ebbs and flows, but this week I was feeling patriotic!

    Carmen - I love having fellow Canadian blogger friends. One day I'll come out west to see you.

  6. I like Canadian bacon, and Canadian geese are cool, but damn your wacky quarters when I want a soda out of the machine! They do not work!! Please ask your government to start making the right size coins. Thank you.

  7. I've never had poutine but it sounds so yummy, if I wasn't married I'd wanna have sex with a bowl of it. Or I could just move to Canada so I could eat some. I've heard of it before but never seen it in the U.S.

    I'm feel so deprived!

  8. Laura - I will talk to them about that. Ours are worth more now though, so you should save them up.

    Elle - It IS yummy! Having sex with it would be kind of a waste though. Because then you won't be able to eat it. Well I guess you could but it would be gross.

  9. Ever since we visited Vancouver back in 2000, my husband has joked about renouncing our citizenship and moving to Canada. For real. He's almost got me convinced, with all this political BS we've got here in the U.S. And I'm already called a socialist every day by my conservative, SUV driving, red meat eating, death penalty loving Texas coworkers.

    So tell me, do we need to sneak over the border or will they let us in legally?? 'Cause, you know, either way, I can make it work!

  10. What I miss about Canada (more specifically, Montreal):
    2)Good Bagels
    3)Smoked Meat

    Ok, and the three things you listed too.

  11. Flannery - You can have dual citizenship! And with our current government, the whole death penalty thing isn't *too* far off. Curses! But yes! Please come over the border. I don't think you ahve to sneak over, but you may want to - just in case. (PS - Do you have a blog? It's not in your profile?)

    Kev - Yes! We have Montreal bagels at work on Fridays! Delish.

  12. Actually that sounds like such a great place to be :) I'd really love to visit Canada sometime. I think it'd be great to experience all it has to offer.

    xo katie elizabeth

  13. It's a wonderfulplace to visit. Nice and close and lots of neat stuff to see.

  14. Oh, hubby will be packing his bags for sure!

    And yes, if you click my name it takes you to http://theconnorchronicles.wordpress.com.

    Not trying to drop a plug, I swear.