Monday, 25 April 2011

Shitionary - UPDATED

I was telling you last week about my recent game of Pictionary, and the hilarity that of course ensued.  And then my blogger friend jacqui asked me when the next installment would occur... 

So.  Welcome to Shitionary.  Like Pictionary, but shittier.  

I've crafted another example of my brilliant artistry and posted it here for your guessing pleasure.



Well, thanks for playing along!  Love you gals.  You are Shitionary masters.  I am highly impressed. 

SarcasmInAction, you are hilarious, but unfortunately wrong. 
Elle, you are hilarious and also CORRECT!
Jacqui, you are too slow (and bitter, apparently?)  :)

Elle, here is your award!  Congratulations! 



  1. Here's what I see.
    One beautiful sunny day, a diamond ring fell from the sky and smacked Lucy in the head. She died and rose up to heaven amongst the clouds, leaving Charlie Brown to hide in a box for the rest of his life.
    The end.

    Such a tragic love story.

  2. @Fox in the City - Thanks! I just felt right. haha

    @SarcasmInAction - I love how your mind works. You're ont he right track. Kind of.

  3. I LOVE the title! I suck at Shitionary but love to play so I'll go ahead and embarrass myself which is nothing new.

    If she accepts his engagement, he'll be on cloud 9. If not, the guy will throw her up into the sun to burn. If there's anything left of her body, which is doubtful, he'll hide the remains in a storage shed.

    Or it could be Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Maybe?

  4. I got here as early as I could but Elle has already stolen my answer! She's a very clever mind-reading cheater! BTW, I'm talking about her second answer...not the first one. Although I love the part about him throwing her up into the sun to burn.

  5. You guys are all geniuses. (Geni?) Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!

    @Elle - "Hide the remains in a storage shed" lol. That's Snoopy's dog house. With that little yellow bird on top. (No, I don't know why I didn't draw Snoopy himself).

    @jacqui - Name-calling and accusations. Classy. (lol)

  6. Ha! I guessed Lucy in the sky with diamonds but thought your dog house was a church with a glowing golden cross on it, maybe its too much religion warping my view from my recent chocolate holiday.
    Bring it on I say

  7. Woo hoo! I would love to share this award with jacqui and virtually rip it in half, otherwise I'm afraid she'll kick my ass. ;)

  8. @jo - If I had a dog, maybe his house *would* have a glowing golden cross on top. Good idea.

    @Elle - Aw, how nice (?) of you! Don't worry. Jacqui is very sweet. She would never kick your ass. She might knock you down and steal your award, but kick your ass? Nah...

  9. Dammit. Late to the party. As usual. But with such fantasnomenal drawing skills, who couldn't know it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

    I know you never tweet, but you really should announce your new blog posts there. Apparently that's what all the cool kids are doing.

  10. I don't know what that word means. Fantas-whah? Sorry.

    Ah! Ok, I will.

  11. Shitionary is a brilliant name!

  12. I'm glad you share my sad sense of humour!

  13. :-) You might just be goofy. I don't know -- just guessing.

    Funny place, Marianna!


  14. I'm back to bug you but I wanted to know if you're going to be doing this every week, maybe every other week, please please please?

    We need your awesome Shitionary posts. :)

  15. I love Shitionary! Although I never would have guessed that was Snoopy's doghouse. Woodstock is looking a little peaked.

  16. @Pearl - Oh, no doubt. I'm a total loon.

    @Elle - For sure! I love to draw random shit. I won't pick a standard day (because I'm *chronically* late), but I'll announce it on twitter when I post one. Let's call it "semi-regularly".

    @Rachel - Thanks! What are you CRAZY? How could you NOT know that was Snoopy's doghouse?? Sad. ;)

  17. *UPDATED* comment:
    do another one, do another one!
    I'm in it to win it.
    It's on.

    Oh, and I have issues with being a poor sport and getting too fired up about competition.

    More shitionary!!

  18. I will! Wow. maybe I should have been an artist instead of a writer...