Thursday, 21 April 2011

Be a better person, damn it.

Do y'all know what tomorrow is? 

Yeah, so I think it's Jesus Day or something, but do you know what else it is?

Earth Day!  Yay for the Earth!

At first I thought this was a pretty picture, but now I think it looks radioactive. 

Now.  I want to tell you a bit about Earth Day.  I've done some research. 

Earth Day was founded by a wicked-cool US Senator named Gaylord on April 22, 1970.  It was first focused in the US, but it launched internationally in 1990, in 141 nations. 

I actually remember when the rest of the world got all up in Earth Day's bid-nas.  I remember my school teaching us to "reduce, reuse and recycle!" and to pick up our litter, and to cut it out with those pesky CFCs.

You know what else I remember?  I remember being scared shitless that the effing ozone layer was going to burn off and we were all going to spontaneously combust - or worse, very slowly and painfully MELT when the sun's raw rays hit us. 

Imagine a class of first graders out there picking up trash in their school yard, and unexpectedly melting into a hot ball of steaming flesh and MC Hammer pants. 


Oh yeah.  Back to my research. 

I read that Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network (duh?), and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year.

(Please bear with me, my American friends, as I am a proud Canadian - true, north, strong, and free - and while I would have liked to have done some International research, I stuck with my home and native land. )

The first Canadian Earth Day was held in 1980, and was organized by a grad student at Queen's University (my Alma Mater!). 

AND, a woman named Flora, the federal government rep for Kingston (Hometown!) officially kicked things off with a ceremonial tree planting and naked rain dance.  (Just kidding about the naked rain dance.)

Nowadays, more than 6 million Canadians join 1 billion people in over 170 countries to take part in Earth Day projects, activities, and other rabble-rousing.   

So this year, I want to actively join that group of 1 billion people.  And I want YOU, my loyal readers, to join in too.  Bringing the grand total up to about 1,000,000,030.  

SO here's what I plan to do:

First, I am going to drive 200 kilometres to Hometown with Hubby in his 13 year old pickup truck. 

BUT THEN, then, I'm going to do something green

I already clean with vinegar.  And I already take the bus to work.  And I already use reusable bags.  Yes, I'm already a goddam SAINT. 

But starting tomorrow (not tonight, 'cause I'm lazy) I'm going to use that effing compost bin more often.  Even though it's inconvenient.  And even though it's messy.  And even though it stinks worse than bum's dirty nutsack. 

Starting now tomorrow, I'm a goddam better person.  Join me, won't you?

Check this out:  A Billion Acts Of Green

* * *


My blogger friend jacqui, of ChickTuition asked me when the next game of Pictionary will be.  Excellent question!

I like this idea, so on Monday I shall post another example of my artistry (with the help of Painter), and you all will have the pleasure of guessing what I have very skillfully represented.

Good luck!



  1. And how do you know what a bum's dirty nutsack smells like, hmmmmm????

    I don't use paper towels and my family walks (vs. driving) when humanly possible. This should counteract the damage from all those cans of AquaNet hairspray I used as a youth, right?

  2. Busted.

    You mean you don't still use the hairspray? I sure do. At least it's CFC-free, right?

  3. That is what the Earth really looks like from space. They just didn't want to scare us so we worship the current well known fraud picture.

    We compost and recycle. Ours doesn't smell. Probably because I'm not the one that puts the compost in the bin in the summer. I use disposable diapers though. Do you think my other green attempts will outshine my sposie habit?

    by the way I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out here.

  4. It's CFC free now?! That's it - I'm going out right now and buying 10 bottles. Then I'm going to spray them all at once. Then I'm going to compliment my newly-shellacked self on finally climbing out from under that rock.

  5. @Angela - Well, now, don't quote me, but I think they made the CFCs in aresols illegal. At least here in the Great White North. I won't be looking it up, though, because I don't want to be wrong. I use a lot of that shit, man. (Even without CFCs, Hubby still calls it "Cancer Spray")

    @L.A.C.E. - Yes, it's all about balance when it comes to saving the planet. And thank you!!! Angela also nominated me last week. :) I like that I'm a double nominee - makes it more legit!

  6. I was gonna comment about the post but I like the p.s. better for some reason. I put a post-it on my computer to remember that Pictionary will be on Monday. Yippee!

  7. Damn, you are so much better than I. I haven't composted since the mid-80s. It stunk. It attracted flies and yellow jackets. My children played in it.

    But really, don't I do enough for the planet? How big can my fucking carbon footprint be when I do nothing but stay in the dark house all day? I don't even use that much water, seeing how I only shower maybe once a week. . .

    Hm. Maybe you're not better than I. Just better groomed.

  8. @jacqui - Yay! I'm glad you're excited. Now I'd better come up with something really good...

    @handflapper - Lol. Nice. I should stay depressed myself. Forget therepy. It's better for the environment.

  9. Your welcome! When you get nominated twice you know you've hit the big time :D

  10. I was most intrigued by the naked rain dance. Intrigued and a tad horrified.

    Way to ruin it for me.

    Also? Totally shared in the ozone layer depletion panic/anxiety.

  11. Naked rain dances are always intriging/horrifying. I should know. Wait, what?