Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just peachy thanks, how the fuck are you?

Good god I just took the longest hiatus from this blog I've ever taken.  And I picked a ripe ol' day to return, too.

Christ I'm cranky today.  You know that feeling?  That if I have to deal with these idiots I share the planet with for one more fucking SECOND I think I might throw a kicking and screaming temper tantrum right here in this cubical feeling?

I was fine this morning.  I had some fun tweeting with the hilariously adorable Miss Pish Posh and I was quite happy to celebrate 'Merica Day with a high calorie snack and some sort of fancy mocha hot shaken not stirred full fat hubba bubba latte.  Or something.   

But then a guy at work came over to talk to me about something incredibly stupid* that I fundamentally disagreed with and the poor sap took the brunt of whatever was pent up inside me. 

And then, then... CAN OPEN, WORMS EVERYWHERE. 

Once I let that beast out of my dark soul I could not bury her back down there for all the cheese in Wisconsin. 

I was bitchy, and argumentative, and a damn misery to be around. 

Sure, I still made jokes, and handed out freezies, and didn't necessarily hate on everyone that crossed my path, but I was on the brink of an erratic, neurotic freak-out for the entire afternoon.

Maid of Honour duties?  Bah. 

Some political garbage?  Screw them. 

Stupid work meeting?  FORGET THAT. 

Therapist says stop doing something?  No!  I don't wanna! You can't make me!

Apple store can't fix my iPod?  FUCK YOU, APPLE STORE.  FUCK.  YOU. 

Yeah, I was a real peach today. 

And the solution?  Same as always:  Hot shower.  Cheesy pasta.  Blogging.  Grey's Anatomy.  And a Hubby hug.  Because what else are all those things good for, if not to make me feel better?

* Stupid is a relative term. .  Some days everything is stupid in my opinion.   


  1. I think your solution would work for any situation. At least it would for me. And don't cha just wish that you could slap someone without repercusions?

    1. Sometimes I wanna do more than slap people.

  2. I'm thinking about taking this post & plastering it on my blog since you just described exactly how I've been feeling haha. Glad I'm not the only one who's can of worms spilled all over the place.

    Much like you, a hug from the hubs, Criminal Minds & a bucket of ice cream helped :)

    1. Oh please do! I love when others share in my misery. :)

  3. ah shit. fuck 'em and enjoy the stuff that makes you feel better.

  4. What a day! At least you had blogging and cheese to fall back on :)

  5. I wish all those things made me feel better when I'm feeling bitchtastic. But I'm glad they work for you.

  6. Hubby hugs cure almost anything. They're awesome.