Sunday, 4 March 2012

I invaded Hubby's shower. Sorry?

Yesterday when Hubby and I woke up, we were pretty confident the house was going to get picked up and crash down in some far away land over the rainbow.  Except there was no effing rainbow out there, I can assure you of at least that much.  There was, however, WIND. 


A cold and nasty bitch was blowing at about 95 kilometres per hour. (Nearly 60, for my crazy American friends.) 

And thanks to the terrible recent news coming out of Indiana, as well as certain technicolour movies, I was terrified.  I couldn't stop imagining some giant tree smashing through my bedroom window, or the roof getting ripped off, or a pack of crazy flying monkeys coming to attack me. 

Basically, I was a tad jumpy

I'm sure you can imagine how much worse matters got when the apocalypse came.  Or the power went out.  Whichever. 

Me:  No! The power went out!
Hubby:  Uh huh. 
Me:  We should have showers! The hot water tank is going to fail us momentarily!
Hubby:  It's gas.  It'll be fine. 
Me:  Oh. 

It was around this time that I got distracted by the fact that my kickass iPhone was running low on battery power.  While I was busy considering driving around the block to charge my phone in the car, Hubby had started the shower and was searching the house for a flashlight. 

Me:  At least turn off the water! You're wasting it!
Hubby:  Honey.  There will be plenty of hot water.  I need a flashlight. 
Me:  Fine.  Hurry up though, dummy. 

And then it happened. 

Hubby, yelling from the shower:  Did you flush the toilet?!
Me:  No, why?
Hubby:  Uh... I think the hot water is running out!
Me:  Are you kidding?!
Hubby:  Um, no!

God dammit.  He KNOWS how a Wifey without a hot shower (twice a day, at least) is a very unhappy Wifey.  He KNOWS Wifey will be pissed if Wifey can't wash her hair.  He KNOWS that if there's no hot water after he said there would be, Wifey's gonna lose her SHIT. 

He also knows Wifey is certifiably nuts

Which is why I guess Hubby wasn't particularly surprised when a panicked and crazy Wifey ran into his bathroom, dropped her pjs, and jumped into his luke warm shower. 


It turned out that the hot water was fine, and by the time we got dried and dressed, the power was back on.  Also, interestingly, and thankfully, our house didn't actually blow away. 

Huh.  So... my fear wasn't entirely rational, then?  WEIRD. 


  1. Hahaha he shouldn't be upset about that! He should be happy you're putting some sexytime in, even when the weather is stormy!

  2. I'm laughing with you....WITH YOU. I was sooo twitchy the other day when they upped the TOR:CON index to a 9 out of 10 for some places. I live in Kansas and gawd, some of our storms will scare the pee right out of you. And the funny this is, I always want a clean house and myself to be clean when I know a storm is coming. You're in good company.

  3. I have a feeling he probably wasn't complaining too hard considering he got bonus nekkie time with his wifey.

    Thankfully we have been storm free for a few days now... and so the need to panic is on the lower end of the scale for me.

  4. Actually, I'm questioning your motives. (for jumping in the shower)

  5. That was some crazy ass winds! We didn't let the toddler outside lest he actually get blown over.

    How is it that you husband has his very own shower? I have to share mine with a boy and sometimes I just don't like that. :)

  6. Gia - I know!

    Lizbeth - With me eh? Sure sure. Oh my gosh I could never imagine living somewhere with real Tornadoes. So terrible.

    Jaime - Well, he wasn't exactly complaining, but I think he does prefer his shower in solitude...

    Middlechild - Never question the extent of my Crazy! :)

    Foxy - I think you should have let the toddler out - just tie him to something. Like a toddler kite. And yes, we have our own bathrooms. MARRIAGE SAVER.

  7. Are you sure the "uh..I think the hot water is running out" was not part of his master plan? You know, to get ya nekked AND to distract you? I sense a motive there ;)

    BTW I'm totally jealous you have your own showers! I have to share a bathroom with the Husbfriend, 2 manchildren,a manbaby, and occasionally a dog. Ack!!

  8. I'm glad your house wasn't relocated and the apocalypse didn't come. But I'm shocked that you would use these events to molest your poor unsuspecting Hubby. I only hope he can somehow forgive you.

  9. Oh my god that is some crazy wind. Also, I agree with Amanda C, I think there was an ulterior motive there ;)

  10. Consider it a drill - now you KNOW what to do should that ever happen again. Knock him over on your way to your shower first. :)

    And btw? MY husband would have been. "Oh noes! We're running out of hot water and the house might blow down! You should totes jump into the shower with me, while you can!" Just saying. ;)

  11. Amanda - I don't think he's that smart.

    jacqui - Yes, he "shocked" too.

    Ang - Ha! Again, he's not that smart. ;)

    Beans - A drill! Ha! As mentioned on twitter, I'm not sure I"m on board with "totes".

  12. I agree with Beans. He's totally going to fake you out soon.

  13. I'm totally with you on the whole needing to shower thing. I'd be okay with losing power if it meant I didn't also lose my ability to stay clean :P