Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leaping. Or something.

Some things I did today to make this extra 24 hours of leap time particularly spectacular and productive:

I fell back to sleep after showering this morning.

I got a stripey mark on my cheek from the towel on my head. 

I took this picture of my cats. 

I cried about a funeral I couldn't go to. 

I got a ride with Hubby to work, leaving him to attend a funeral on his own. 

I did some work. 

I threw a donut/cookie/coffee party for my colleagues.  Yay. 

I ate a giant ginger cookie. 

I drank a cup of coffee.  SCREW YOU, TEA. 

I ate a double chocolate donut. SCREW YOU, ARTERIES. 

I annoyed my boss by being forgetful at an inopportune moment.

I remembered to eat lunch. 

I annoyed my boss by being slightly argumentative all afternoon. 

I re-wrote someone else's work. 

I made Hubby pick me up from work at 6:30, on his way home from funeral services.

I had a bath.

I twittered. 

I "blogged".

And now I'm watching Modern Family. 

Click here.  ABC .com 

I call all that success. 


  1. yay for success, even when part of it sucks

  2. I call that a total success too. (Although I'm sorry about the funeral.) Big hugs.

  3. A productive day! Is modern fam new? I'm dvring it.

  4. The black and brown cat? Beautiful!!!!!
    And since this was an "extra" day, why didn't you just stay home and do whatever you wanted? I mean, it's like and EXTRA day, right?

  5. You did a lot more than I did, although I did take a bath and that hadn't happened in more days than I'd care to admit. And I gave Hellbaby her first taste of chocolate lava cake and that was pretty much the awesomest thing that's happened all year.

  6. definitely sounds like a check on the "yay" side of the column.... or maybe I'm just a wicked nerd.

  7. Sounds like you had a productive day :)

  8. A success? MORE LIKE A MONUMENTAL FANTABULOUS BETTER-THAN-ANYTHING KINDA DAY. I am y be slightly over exaggerating but that's only because I get super excited about the days I remember to put on panties.

    <3 sorry for your loss luv... big hugs

  9. Success indeed and only 4 more years 'til another free day comes along. *le sigh* and now I want a donut.

    Sending hugs your way :)

  10. really out there - Yay!

    Jac - thanks doll. :)

    Gia - I LURVE Modern Family. Huge fan.

    middlechild - Aw, Patchy was sooo flattered that you said that! She loves getting complements.

    Handflapper - Aw! Hellbaby is precious.

    Jaime - Um, both? ;)

    Ang - I love that you don't judge my Crazy.

    Carm - This is why I love you - Because it's safe to assume you're not wearing panties at any given moment.

    Amanda - I think we should create a leap day every year. Or every month. Or maybe once a week.