Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 2 - What's the point?

Holy shit, I've made it past the first day of my 30 (or 100) Day Blog Challenge.  I can call it a success now. 

Day Two is supposed to be an explanation of my blog.  Well, that's a tricky one, because the only point - the only purpose it has ever served - is to amuse me

Selfish?  Sure.  But that's the reality of it.  So sue me. 

This blog has never been anything but JUST FOR ME.  I've said this before.  I say it all the time.  I write what I think is funny, or what I think is a pain in the ass, or what makes me think carefully. I write to clear my head, or to get my thoughts organized, or to document a good day.  I write FOR ME. 

Whenever anyone says they've got writers block, or their readership is falling, or whatever, I always bestow the same remarkable advice:

Your blog is YOURS.  It's a representation of your thoughts and feelings.  Your best posts are always the ones that come from your own unique inspiration.  The ones you don't filter, the ones you don't censor, the ones in which you express an honest feeling from the particular moment in time in which you are feeling it. 
I rarely pre-write my posts.  I type, I spell-check, and then I click PUBLISH.  Sometimes the honesty I demand of myself - the honesty that makes this blog MINE - does put a knot in my stomach on occasion. Sometimes I wince when I click that PUBLISH button. But I click it just the same. 

Don't get me wrong.  I adore comments and encouragement from my readers.  I love hearing from people in real life who say they liked what I wrote.  I even love walking up on a colleague who just happens to be reading my words as I approach. 

And usually I get at least one amusing or supportive comment (if not several) and it makes the honesty (whether brutal, or sarcastic, or bitchy) 100% worth it.  Either I learn that I'm not the only picker.  Or I start up a conversation about guns.  Or I gain strength from everyone who tells me it WILL get better

Best of all, I might get a comment that makes me think I made someone else's day better, or I inspired someone, or I helped someone in some small way.  Those comments are the best ones - because they're the ones in which my honesty (the honesty that was originally just for me) shifts into being for someone else too. 

Getting two birds stoned at once.

Which is where CheesyBloggers comes in.  Cheesy Bloggers is the place where it's about everyone else.  About spreading cheesy blog love, meeting new people, and having a LAUGH.  You can even win prizes! Because life is tough - laughs are a requirement. 

Blogging is about ME, but it's about all of you too.



  1. I'm glad you wrote this! And it's really something I needed to read on this particular day. Could you be any more awesome?

  2. While you may write for yourself, I have to admit that I get a whole lot out of my visits here.

  3. Wow, I'm printing out that advice and taping it to my keyboard. For what it's worth, I always get a laugh out of your blog. Except for the serious posts. Then I get something to relate to, to remind myself I'm not alone when the shit hits the fan. Thank you for blogging :)

  4. Nice. Good point of view, saves yourself a lot of drama. I made the mistake of starting a blog for my family to keep up with me. ...Yay... XD

  5. jacqui - Aw, I'm glad hon. Um, i could be WAY more awesome... if I was YOU!

    Jenn - Thanks =) I love that you write for yourself too. I can relate to so many of your posts.

    Ang - I always get something from yours too. always have. Sweet and funny and clever.

    Ashes - Oh no! My family does read mine, but I still don't filter. Maybe I should...

  6. No, no no no. Please don't ever filter your writing. Too many people are stifled because they're afraid of offending someone, but writing things that aren't what you want to takes all the fun out of it, all the enjoyment...if you're writing for YOU, writing what YOU want and how YOU want to say it, don't filter.

    Besides, you're totally cool, and if people are too busy being mad because you used a naughty word to see how your coolness, I vote they can just put on their big-girl panties and deal with it. :D

  7. No way dude, I don't filter. Yes - big girl panties!

  8. Off to check out cheesy bloggers now.