Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Not a *total* fail

My first day of school at my new job went fairly well.

7:30 – Got out of bed.  30 minutes late.

8:20 – Managed to get out the door only 20 minutes late, so that’s not a total fail.

8:21 – Forgot my office pass, ran back into the house, fell up the stairs, cursed like a dirty trucker.

8:22 – Drove to the mall to “park and ride”

8:30 – Didn’t get a ticket for parking at the mall before hopping on the bus, nor did I get into a fight with a mall cop. Check.

9:15 –Arrived at the office and managed to remember to turn right instead of left off the elevator to get to my new desk. Check number two.

10:00 – Had a meeting with my new colleagues in which I had absolutely nothing interesting/intelligent to say.

10:30 – Successfully reset my voicemail. Another point for me.

(Clearly, this was a particularly productive morning.)

12:57 – Came back from lunch only to realize that I very nearly missed a meeting – that was in my calendar – that I had completely forgotten about – on my first day.   Narrow escape.

2:00 – Read a bunch of stuff.   Ya know, to figure out how the hell I’m even supposed to do this job. No better way to feel stupid than by having to admit you don’t know anything about anything.

3:00 – Managed to find a way to feel smart again by going to talk to my former colleagues – at least they’ll always have questions for me.

3:35 – Enjoyed a delicious Eatmore chocolate bar – of which I friggin EARNED, if I do say so myself.   Don’t judge me.

5:03 – Made a joke to my new boss about her favourite hair stylist – at MAGICUTS – that was pretty well-received.

5:12 – In true George Costanza style, made a hasty exit on a high note before my little comedy routine backfired in my face.



  1. Yes! That sounds like a very typical, average, and maybe even above average first day. IMHO, the word fail does NOT have a place in this post! My first day at our branch took place in that same hallway just over five year's ago. Want to know what happened? They had no desk for me! I had to borrow people's desks for my first month! Now that is fail : ) All this to say, don't be so hard on yourself. You done good + you should definitely celebrate it (with some Oreos!). XXOO. v

  2. you made it out alive. If that ain't success I don't know what is.

  3. Yippee . . . a very successful first day!

  4. I knew you would have a successful first day! The part about feeling not-so-smart is totally normal with a new job. Soon, you will not be able to hide your brilliance from your new colleagues.

    I'm glad you ate the chocolate bar...which you friggin earned.

    Please don't use George Costanza as your inspiration too often though. He's not known for his career success. Most importantly, don't use his 'jerk store' joke. It's just not funny.

  5. I'm with V...as long as you didn't fall flat on your face or say something totally moronic, you had an awesome first day and should celebrate! Personally, I would choose Lobster or Prime Rib for my celebration over oreos (I know they're expensive, but I don't even get to have those once a year!).

  6. In every job I've ever had, I've never been able to reset my voicemail. I think your first day went perfectly well. Here's to even more good, dare I say, great days!!!

  7. cursed like a dirty trucker--I love it. And you left on a high note--bonus.

  8. I'm tired for you. You had a rough day... but you survived. Holla! Are things getting any easier? I hate feeling like a fish out of water. :-/

  9. Woohoo! No stabbings or tripping and falling flat on your face on the first day of your new job equals total success!

  10. V - None of those first-day fails were *your* fault though. I am proud of my first day, actaully - and the second one too. :)

    Sarcasm and Fox - Yay!

    LACE - True dat.

    jacqui - Fair warning about George. I'll keep that in mind. I can always count on you as a voice of reason.

    Cheryl - Lobster is a bit rich for this minor success, for me, but Hubby and I *will* be enjoying a steak dinner this weekend thanks to V's generosity!

    Ang - What you need is a voicemail technician. ;)

    Lizbeth - Oh I know how to curse, man. I could teach you some real dirty ones!

    Jen - It is getting easier. Luckily the job is not a huge stretch from my old one so I'm in good shape. So far I love it.

    Elle - No stabbings! Woohoo! Although I did fall up the stairs at home - does that count?

  11. Congratulations on a good first day!

    Also, when you say "in George Costanza style you made a hasty exit" you don't mean you pushed people or knocked them over, do you? Because that might not be good. Just wondering. :)

  12. I HATE HATE HATE the first day of any job. No matter where you are or what you do, there's always at least a good half an hour where you feel like a total idiot and you maybe even start to freak out that you have NO idea what the f*%@ you're supposed to do. I think our bosses do that to us on purpose....

  13. ElleP - Touché! Although don't put it past me in a fire alarm on the 21st floor... Have you read my "Shaken and Stirred" post?

    Mel - For SURE they do it on purpose.