Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy birthday Hubby!

It was Hubby's 27th birthday yesterday.  Yay!  Happy birthday Hubby!  Today he officially entered his 28th year.  Yay! Catching up to me!

More than any other birthday, this one seems to really annoy him.  Which of course makes me smile from ear to ear. 

When I got home last night he was in a pretty pissy mood, which oddly didn't seem to improve when I pointed out how close to 30 he is; that his mother birthed him nearly 30 years ago; that his whole childhood take place more than 20 years ago; that he is most certainly a GROWN UP now. 

Ha! Welcome to Hell, mothafuckah. 

I had a real problem with turning 26, and 27 was even worse, and I expect that when I hit 28 in February I will very likely LOSE MY SHIT.  You see, there is something friggin miserable about these - gulp - late 20s that makes me want to PUKE. 

Hubby and I are on the wrong side of 20, y'all, and I don't like it - proven by the fact that I spent five minutes prancing around last night with Hubby's birthday balloon under my shirt.  #babyenvy 

But Hubby is a better person than me.  By far.  He makes the best of it. 

He spent his entire birthday playing guitar.  The whole day.  For nine hours. Non stop.  Using the new iPod guitar recording device thingie I bought him. 

Now that's how a person should spend a birthday. Doing what you like.  All day. Without any interuption or breaks. For showering or eating or brushing your teeth. Because we should all have one goddam day each year that is entirely amazing and entirely guilt-free.

To make matters even better, he went shopping today with his birthday gift cards and came home with a bunch of household stuff for us.  Because he basically IS is mother.  (His mother who once returned her expensive Chirstmas gift from Pa-in-Law and bought at least a hundred bucks worth of Brita filters instead. Because it made her happy and forget all of us who thought she was nuts.) 

This is the email Hubby sent me this afternoon.

I made some good purchases with my CT gift card that I am proud of. Just a few things to make our lives or my life easier.

- A collapsible strainer – love it and you will too
- Proper coffee filters that don’t collapse and fuck over my morning coffee
- A digital hygrometer to tell humidity level so I know if I need to put my guitar in its case or not
- Another lighter for the bbq/fireplace
- Stovetop scraper – present for me and you J
- Small extension cord for my bedside light/blackberry
- And a block of white printer paper that we’ve needed for years

It took a lot not to buy a sweet cooler with wheels haha.

Oh Hubby, I love you.  Happy birthday darlin. 



  1. Aw! Happy Birthday to your hubby! He's the same age as my hubby! Getting closer to 30 isn't so bad... I think.

  2. That's DEFINITELY the way people should spend their birthdays. Except for me, because I don't play guitar. By the way, you and your hubby both look a LOT younger than you are. I don't know if that makes you feel better or not, but it's true.

  3. I continue to lose my shit every year as my birthday approaches. I can't get my head around the fact that I'm 34. WTF. I went on a bender when I turned 25... ack. BUT hope you and hubby enjoy his birthday weekend.

  4. As someone turning 32 in a half a year, I take great pleasure in telling you that according to you turn 30 in 876 days AKA 2 years, 4 months, 23 days AKA 1,261,440 minutes AKA 21,024 hours AKA 125 weeks (rounded down).

    Those candles are waiting for you! Then you get to start saving them for hubby : )

  5. awww.... just wait til you hit 30... you'll want to lose your shit.. or at least, I did.

  6. Aw, what a sweet hubby! My husband turned 29 a few months ago and had a hard time with it because he says he isn't where he thought he would be by now career wise. So I did what any good wife would do and said well, just wait until next year when you turn 30 my dear!

  7. Ashes - same age as your hubby, but same age as you too?

    Mel - I guess so. You might not say that if you could see all the lines on my forehead and Hubby's crow's feet.

    Kittie - We'll try to have fun, but we *did* just have a yelling match about him accidentally sitting on my foot, so who really knows. Ha!

    V - No! I hate that! Damn you!

    Chemgirl - I need to align the 30th birthday with some other happy event - such as a new baby or something - so it takes the sting away.

    Paula - Hubby always talks about "where he thought he'd be" and I always tell him he shouldn't assume that his younger self knew anything about anything - of COURSE he was wrong!

  8. I had a total midlife crisis when I turned 30. I feel your pain.

  9. Happy Birthday Marianna's Hubby! I'm glad you spent the day doing what you love to do. And bought exactly what you wanted to buy with your gift cards.

    Didn't Marianna look cute with the balloon in her shirt? ;)

  10. You two crack me up. There is a house for sale on our street. And we stay forever young in our town, Like me, I have not aged a year since 26.

  11. Great post. BTW-- my 30s are kicking ass. Way more than my 20s ever did. :)

  12. Ang - Um, thanks? ;)

    Jacqui - As I mentioned on twitter, he said I looked stupid. #divorcetweet

    Stasha - Great, can you buy it for us?! Oh, how nice for you, not to have aged.

    Heather - Thanks! Well, that's encouraging.