Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 3 - My Zombie Survival Kit

Welcome to Day 3 of my 100-day Blog Challenge!  I'm so glad so many of you are doing this with me.  I added a link-up to the bottom of my Blogger Challenge posts so I can read all your awesome stuff.  So link up!

Day 3 requires me to share a picture of something I cannot live without.  Well, if you know me at all, you know I'm way too selfish to pick only one thing.  So here are a few. 

K, so this picture represents CHOCOLATE. And although I normally like better quality chocolate, I'll stuff my face with eat whatever cocoa-inspired product is placed in front of me. Check HERE for the whole story.

My darling Hubby, of course - who makes me laugh, and rubs my back, and holds me up when I think I might not make it.  And who finally threw out 5 pairs of DISGUSTING underwear today. For the whole story on this pic, click HERE.

Mama!  Basically me, just 32 years sooner.  For some great Mama stories, your positively must click HERE and HERE.

Obviously. These are my children. Patches is fat, but clever. Tuxedo is also getting large, but is, it seems, a total moron. You can read all the adorable stories by selecting their label, but my fav is HERE.

There are so many more things I can't live without!  I'm a spoiled Canadian girl!  Gernally, anything I'd need to have even if zombies took over the world is an un-live-without-able item.  My zombie survival kit, if you will...

In no particular order:

My family, my friends, my computer, my MEDS, my blogs, my blogger girls, my fuchsia x-trainers, my ability to curse like a dirty trucker, my Tetley Bold tea, my backyard, my WINE, my massage therapist, my brain therapist, my many pj pants, my peanut butter, my wedding band, Monica (my GPS device), my books, my mp3 player, my body lotion, my lip conditioner, my toothpaste, my shampoo, and likely my cable tv recorder. 

There's probably more but I need to go to sleep, and worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse is friggin exhausting.



  1. Hum, now you have me pondering what it is that I could not live without. Goes without saying that family and friends, both IRL and on-line, are at the top of the list. I shall ponder some more about the other stuff.

  2. Oh my gosh your husband and mine have the same issue! I'm not alone!

    So... I'm guessing you'd like us to link to the days that correlate with the post we're linking on (day 6 with your day 6 and so forth)?

  3. Jenn - I didn't think too hard about it. Just whatever came to mind that I'd really miss.

    Donna - =)

    Ashes - You never are! It's just one linky, so you can link all your posts if you want. They'll all show up repeatedly.

  4. Where do I order one of your zombie survival kits? Can I special can I replace the tea with Diet Coke? Does that cost extra?

    I love this post. The love you have for your hubby, mom, and children makes me smile. (I hope Tuxedo can't read.)

  5. First of all, sad I can't do this challenge with you. Though think it's hilarious we both posted about wanting / needing stuff practically simultaneously in spite of me not doing it : ) I really just have too much else I need to post about right now.

    Second, (mushiness warning) I want to say the following to you here and publically and maybe it's not facebook-ficial but since blogging is so important to you figure this is practcially the same thing: your friends (me included) CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU EITHER! You are an incredibly special, funny, adorable, loved and respected woman whose mere existence makes people's days better. Never forget that, k, chica? xxoo.

  6. If you could throw together a survival kit for me too that would be much appreciated because zombies are scary! :)

  7. Other than coffee, I'm not sure what I could live without. Sad? Probably.

    And I'm catching up on reading here---how are those crotch bones? I road bike for fun (yes, I probably am insane) and those hurt like a mother the first few times you get on a bike. Probably would have helped you last week, right?

  8. jacqui - I should put together a zombie sburvival kit for order. Maybe I will. Thanks hon, I"m glad you liked it. Tuxedo is way too stupid to know how to read.

    V - YOu can always just do one or two posts if you're int eh mood. There's no rukethat says you have to do all 30. Oh, thank you so much. That's so sweet.

    Paula - I just might! ;)

    Lizbeth - Coffee is totally fair. It would be sad if it was cigarettess, I think. Oh! Crotch bones are recovered, but yes they hurt like a MOTHER those first few days. Brutal!

  9. I think your cats have been in your chocolate.