Monday, 7 February 2011

What's more delicious than a beaver tail?

I hate Winter.  That's no secret.  But I don't hate Winter activities.  Necessarily.   

For example, one of the best things about Winter?  Cinnamon sugar Beaver Tails. 

Rest assured:  A cinnamon sugar Beaver Tail is not the dismembered tail of a beaver covered in cinnamon sugar.  Rather, it is the incomparable deliciousness of a flat piece of deep fried dough in the shape of a beaver tail ... and then covered in cinnamon sugar. 

In short, the best Canadian thing that's ever happened. 

Next to poutine.

And I'm quite happy to stand in a nine-mile line in the dead of Winter on the frozen Rideau Canal just to experience the pure ecstasy of a cinnamon sugar Beaver Tail with a side of hot chocolate - and an appetizer of poutine.  Even if the cheese curd doesn't melt and even if my arteries lose an inch or two of breathing room.  Still worth it.  

Thank you NCC.
Other tolerable Winter activities in the National Capital Region?  Ice in the shape of spiders.  Enough said. 

Left to right:  Ice Spider, Annadanna, Hubby. 
Another not-so-bad thing about Winter?  Wandering around a kiddie snow maze.  Actually, there are few actvities more fun than that, now that I think about it.  Especially when you're shorter than most of the kids in there, which makes for a much more exciting maze experience.  

This is the outside walls of the snow maze.  Photos inside are prohibited, for obvious reasons. 

This is me trying to climb the snow maze. For obvious reasons.  

The only problem is, while you can manage to worm your way into the kiddie snow maze, it has proven more difficult to make your way onto the kiddie ice slide.  Somehow standing in the nine-mile line for that particular attraction was comparatively less justified.  Who knew?

Oh, the envy. 
If only I had my own ice slide.  Then nobody could discourage me from standing in line to use it.  But, alas...



  1. I am so immature, all I could do was laugh at reading beaver more than thrice in a post, lol. And I also liked being able to say thrice.

  2. Don't worry - you are surely not the only one!

  3. This is cool! I love winter festival-type things. And slides, whether they are covered in ice or not. =)