Friday, 11 February 2011

A couple of sad sacks

Hubby and I aren't what most people would call "exciting". 

We're married. 

We go to bed early.  We bicker over who should feed the cats, or who should clean the kitchen, or who should change the sheets.  We do laundry on the weekends.  We eat dinner in front of the tv, when we eat dinner at all. 

We don't shovel unless there's so much snow that it really gets in the way.  And even then, we only shovel a walking path.

We pretend we're listening to each other.  We don't always have something to talk about, so we tell the same stories over and over again.  And when we run out of repeat anecdotes, we tell each other how cuuuute the cats are. 

We could travel more.  Or we could "put our money toward the house" instead.

We usually prefer to stay in.  We rent movies rather than bother with a theatre full of stupid chatterers and muncherers and putting-their-asses-and/or-crotches-in-my-face-when-they-go-to-the-bathroom-ers. 

Even when Hubby says "It's Friday.  Friday is fun day!"  what he really means is that we should spend it in front of the fire with a beer and relax.

And when we do want to go out?  We can rarely think of anything fun/inexpensive to do.  Or if we can, we're often happy to skip it.

If we go out, we can pass hour upon hour just by making ruthless fun of strangers.  Pointing them out, trying to figure out how they ended up to be such a mess.  

And tonight, on Friday night, Hubby picked me up at the bus station, and we stopped at the grocery store, and we made dinner, and we watched Ellen (Hubby for the second time that day), and then he sat on the couch and I sat in the chair, and we rented a movie, and now I'm blogging and he's playing guitar/Angry Birds.  

And he asked me to lean forward to get his USB cord, and I can't because I'm perfectly situated with my parka cape over my shoulders and the computer on my lap.  

And a moment ago, to top it all off, Hubby got up and you know what I realized?  "Look, Honey, we're wearing the same shirt!"  Yep.  The same damn white short-sleeved Relay for Life t-shirt with yellow and blue Cancer Society flowers on the front. 

And you know what?  We laughed

You see, the absolute best thing about being married and unexciting is that it is so perfectly, blissfully, happily, and honestly comfortable

We can bicker, and we can sit around the house, and we can talk about nothing - and no matter what - almost every single day, throughout the day - we always end up laughing. 

There is something so spectacularly satisfying about that kind of comfort.  

Even if it is "boring".  

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