Sunday, 27 February 2011

Live Oscar Blogging - maybe not as exciting as you'd think

Continuing on from earlier...

Ok, so Kirk Douglas is hilarious.  You gotta YouTube that shit, man.  He's messing with them!  Cute.  

Ah!  She cursed!  The best supporting actress.  The older lady from The Fighter!  They bleeped it, but that's ok. 

Alright, one for The Social Network - Adapted Screenplay.  And one for the King's Speech - Original Screenplay.  Let the battle begin. 

Russel Brand is coming up next!  In case you didn't already know, he's my most recent favourite person

Oh wow.  I was thinking "Anne Hathaway is a super pain in my ass, but she looks cute in that tux".  But if the trade-off for seeing Anne Hathaway's cute tux is James Franco in a pink gown and blonde wig, it ain't worth it. 

LOVE Russel Brand's translation from French.  And Helen Mirren is as gorgeous as ever.  Even if she did butcher the French language.

Hubby says Reese Witherspoon is "flawless".  Damn it.  I have to agree.

Christian Bale or Jeffrey Rush??  Quick!  Pick one!  CB.  Yeah!  Good call on my part.  Oh, there's that surprise messy British accent again.

OK, channel surfing.  Comedy Network.  Why is Bob Saget on the Comedy Network?  And why is saying the word "dick".  Maybe the Oscars aren't as bad as I thought.

I think Best Original Score will go to The Social Network.  Wait and see... Oh, wait, Inception's tune is pretty cool too.  And, the Oscar goes to... ... Right again!  Maybe I should have put a toonie in afterall.  

Does anyone even know the effing difference between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing?  No way.  There is no difference.  Here comes the sound of me changing the channel again. 

Have you ever watched 'A Minute To Win It'?  That little kid is never going to bounce a quarter off a table into a giant water jug across the room.  Even for a million bucks.  It's impossible.  Three, two, one.  No dice.  Told ya.  

K, back to Oscar.  

Hubby and I really can't figure out why in hell James Franco is hosting this stupid show.  At least Anne can articulate.  What a piss-off.

Time to go upstairs.  More to come tomorrow, I suppose. 


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