Thursday, 6 February 2014

I'm not ready to *exclaim* but I'm working on it

Birthday Month continues. 

I considered adding an exclamation point there, but I'm not quite ready to exclaim about my birthday. I obviously need to invest some emotional energy into a few truly exclamation-worthy activities if I want to achieve that sense childlike celebratory excitement I've been going for. 

Seeing as I've essentially sucked ass during the last two days in doing anything even remotely special for myself, I need to get moving. (Unless you count eating a second gingerbread cookie or cleaning my bathroom - which I almost do.)

So tomorrow I need to outdo myself. Voila, my list of upcoming Birthday Month activities:

1) Go to the mall. Buy a treat, like an icecream cone or a Poutine. 

2) Buy an item of clothing, something nice to wear, something new that isn't an over-sized tshirt conducive to breastfeeding or suited to a pre-baby chubbier me.

3) Get a haircut (sans baby) and close my eyes while she washes my hair. Make sure to ask for hotter water. Why is that water never hot enough?

4) Pick up pre-made dinner, because UGH MAKING DINNER. 

5) Have a beer. Or two. 

I'm open to other ideas if y'all have 'em. Go. 


  1. You should so do all of them. Maybe even do the hair cut twice . . . or just the shampooing because that really is a little bit of heaven.

    1. I'm considering doing them all tomorrow! If I can fit it all in :)