Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fuzzy fleece sleepers shouldn't be depressing, but they are

Tonight's Birthday Month activity: going out to buy Baby Fraggle several new fuzzy fleece sleepers. 

Ok, not the obvious choice, but it truly wasn't about the sleepers. It was about leaving the house, by myself, at night, with a loud car stereo.  I also stopped at the bank and bought a McFlurry. 

There is, though, something very sad about the sleepers. The only reason I needed to buy them was that all of Fraggle's existing sleepers are too small. She grew out of them literally overnight. 

This is only one example of how quickly she is aging, and of course, how quickly I'm aging right along with her. What a cliché... They grow so fast. Well, I'm learning that clichés are clichés for a reason. She is growing so fast. 

After months of standing on furniture and rolling onto her back, and weeks of sitting up unassisted, she finally rolled onto her tummy - which was wonderful, until she decided she might like to sleep that way. So, with her face firmly planted in the mattress and my paranoia shooting off the charts, I sat and watched her nap most of the day yesterday. And do you know what I was thinking? (aside from "please don't suffocate")...  I was thinking: "Who ARE you?"

I didn't recognise this lovely little being. She was bigger and taller and she had longer hair. And she was sleeping on her friggin stomach. 

Who ARE you?

She's growing so fast, and I'm thrilled, but I can't keep up. She does something new every single day and yet stops doing something else. I miss her. I adore her, and I'm excited about all the fun places she's headed, but I miss her

Time is a jerk to me right now and my 30th birthday isn't exactly helping. But good god save me when she turns one year old. 

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