Friday, 7 February 2014

Birthday cake pop = heaven

I went to the liquor store tonight and not only wasn't I carded (booo) but also, the legal drinking age is apparently now those born in 1995. 19-95.  What the hell?! I was already head-over-heals in love with Hubby by 1995! (Granted, we were 11 years old, but still.) 

Fortunately, thanks to my perseverance and commitment, I made a serious dent in yesterday's list of Birthday Month activities. 

I did go to the mall and I did have the perfect yummy treat. Behold: the birthday cake pop. 

I didn't buy myself anything nice, other than a pathetic pair of fluffy white slippers but I did buy Hubby a children's book of facts on human anatomy. 

I did get a haircut WITH a hot water wash, but the salon's cucumber water is a poor substitute for beer. 

I hadn't intended on picking up dinner, but I did anyway and it was decent. But it was rushed and stressy too, so it doesn't count because UGH. 

Thank goodness, tomorrow's visit with friends promises to bring fun and laughter as well as beer to my Birthday Month celebrations. Hallelujah.