Sunday, 2 September 2012

Long weekend movie mayhem

I've watched a couple of movies this weekend.  Ok, like, several movies. 

I think movies were specifically designed for long weekends - because with one extra day, it's easier to justify two-hour increments of sitting in front of a screen. 

As we speak, I'm watching Inception.  It hurts my brain to follow the detailed plot of dreams, within dreams, within dreams... but the cast is pretty awesome.  And Leo is so delicious that I barely care about the plot.

I'm actually a very skilled dreamer.  Or a bad sleeper.  I'm not sure which.  In any case, I seem to be able to direct my dreams like they were movies.  Sometimes they have elaborate characters and story lines.  I think I'm some sort of supernatural dream wizard.  Or I'm psychotic.  It isn't clear.  Of course, if I were a dream wizard, I think Leo would appear more often. 

Speaking of Leo, last night's movie choice was a good one.  Hubby and I watched The Departed.

I like this movie.  It's damn violent, but Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin are pretty excellent. I don't love Matt Damon's performance, but that's ok. He's still cute. And his Boston accent reminds me of Good Will Hunting, which can never be a bad thing.  But I dare say, Marky Mark is the highlight:  "Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself."

Yesterday was also a day for love stories. 

First I watched Cold Mountain.  This is certainly one of the most beautiful movies ever made.  I've loved it for years.  Since before Jude Law became a bit of a wiener. 

I also watched The Lucky One.

Although I generally dislike Nicholas Sparks, I have read a few of his books (hoping for something romantic). Sadly, they're all mediocre. I've since decided to stick to his movies, because the books are not only a bit blah, but they're lacking certain gorgeous men such as my boyfriend Ryan Gosling, the handsome Channing Tatum, and the surprisingly yummy adult Zac Efron.

The last on my list of recently watched is Jurassic Park

Now.  Please do me a favour and acknowledge that this film represents one of the most terrifying concepts of all time.  I mean, LARGE, SCARY LIZARDS ARE CHASING AND BITING PEOPLE.  A circumstance of which I'm quite certain none of you can deny the sheer terror.   

Naturally, when it ended, I was happy to see that Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World was set to follow.  Which I watched in full, despite the fact that I think Jeff Goldblum puts on a pretty rough performance.  I have to admit though, his whole style is pretty hilarious.  I'll always like his appearance in Friends the best. 


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy this weekend haha. I haven't seen Inception yet. It just seems like it'd take too much brain power to keep up with. Have seen The Departed though & it was definitely a good one.

    1. Inception is really cool. There are several layers, true, but it all comes together in the end. Worth a try.

      Plus. Leo. Enough said.

  2. OMG! You are my movie soulmate. For reals! Inception: Yup, own it, watched it a bunch of times, still pretty much confused. It's ok tho because...LEO! Basketball Diaries, What's eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic...I cannot get enough of the man. Oh and as an added bonus to Inception: Joseph Gordon Levitt (total badass)

    Cold mountain (haven't seen but it's now on my list)

    Lucky One, haven't seen but it has Zac Efron in it whom is actually a man now and its totally ok to swoon over him so I will be renting it soon.

    Jurassic Park I still think is one of the greatest and freakiest films. Definitely a fav!

    You are having THE BEST kind of weekend and I'm pretty freaking jealous. I shall go drink more wine now ;)

    P.S. LEO!!!!!!!!

    1. Holy shit this is the most excited and best comment of all time. I adore this.


  3. Oh and I'm totally sorry that was such a long comment.

  4. Inception is one of my favorite movies! I just love everything about it. The concept, the cast... damn just all around good. I love the fight scene with Joseph Gordon Levitt in the hallway that it tumbling around, such amazing choreography.

    And Jurassic Park will always be one of my favorite movies. But you're right - it is kind of scary! I remember when I was a kid and it first came out I was terrified of the T-Rex.

    1. I totally adore Joseph Gordon Levitt. Although I'm a little concerned about his new terrorist on a bike movie.

      TRex is scary, but its the smaller bitier ones that really get me worked up!

    2. those velociraptors were distressing! i hate their rippy toenails.

    3. Yes! Rippy toenails. So upsetting.

    4. Yeah, serious JGL, what's with the evil bicyclist movie? I laughed when I saw the preview for that movie.

  5. marky mark is pretty much guaran-damn-teed to be the highlight of any movie that he graces with his presence. except for the one where his brother was a drug addict and they were both boxers. that one was just sad. but ordinarily, mr wahlberg is the star of the show for me. yummy!

    1. I don't find him super yummy, but I like his whole attitude. He puts on a good show.

      Remember Fear? lol